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Living healthy with Yoga

Learn about non sleep deep rest and what it can do to your body and mind

This post has been contributed by Varuna Shunglu- Yoga practioner of 12 years, councillor and award winning author. You can find her book on Yoga and mindfulness for teens here.

Ancient practices like Meditation, Yoga, and NSDR, drawn from Yoga Sutras and Vedas, seek inner tranquility via distinct yet interconnected paths. While sharing a pursuit of inner harmony, they differ in approach. This exploration unveils their pillars, similarities, and differences, guiding the modern quest for self-discovery.

Ancient practices like Meditation, Yoga, and NSDR, drawn from Yoga Sutras and Vedas, seek inner tranquility via distinct yet interconnected paths. While sharing a pursuit of inner harmony, they differ in approach. This exploration unveils their pillars, similarities, and differences, guiding the modern quest for self-discovery.

More than I am – Yogic and mindfullness

The Magic of Meditation

Meditation, drawn from the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, encompasses pivotal components for inner exploration and peace. Dhyana, the art of focused contemplation, guides the mind towards clarity. Pratyahara allows the shift inward, disengaging from external distractions for introspection. Dharana cultivates unwavering focus, fostering mental stability. Ultimately, Samadhi beckons the meditator to merge with the meditative object, experiencing unity and transcendence. As Patanjali wrote, “Yogas chitta vritti nirodhah” – Yoga is the cessation of the fluctuations of the mind, emphasizing the pursuit of mental stillness in the journey of meditation. As you keep practicing this wonderful science, you’ll notice the glow in your skin, the energy levels through the day and the deep rest you get at night, and you’ll wake up feeling creative and focused. 

Magic of Meditation

The Power of Yoga (Asana + Pranayama Dharana + Dhyana + Samadhi)

Yoga, as defined in the Vedas, is a holistic approach intertwining body, mind, and spirit. Through Asanas, physical postures amplify strength, flexibility, and inner balance. Pranayama regulates breath, nurturing vitality and mental clarity. Embracing Dhyana, the broader essence of yoga includes meditative practices for mental serenity and inner peace. This holistic synergy embodies the transformative power of Yoga, harmonizing the physical, mental, and spiritual dimensions for overall well-being, as depicted in the Vedas’ principles. It’s an interconnected system fostering strength, inner balance, and profound harmony. 

8 Limbs of Yoga

NSDR backed by Neuroscience and the wisdom of Yoga Nidra

Non-Sleep Deep Rest (NSDR), also known as Yoga Nidra, centers on profound relaxation, aiming to induce a conscious state of rest. Through guided relaxation, practitioners experience a deep sense of calm using visualization and body scanning techniques. Sankalpa, a pivotal component, directs positive intentions to influence the subconscious towards a specific purpose. Integrating body awareness, the practice nurtures a mindful connection to the physical self, facilitating the release of tension and fostering a state of relaxation. This blend of guided relaxation, positive intention, and bodily awareness epitomizes the essence of NSDR or Yoga Nidra for achieving deep rest and inner harmony.If you or someone you know has been experiencing feelings of tiredness, depression, anxiety or grief, sleeplessness or even I’ll health due to stress a great way to begin is by harnessing the power of Yoga nidra.

Similarities between the paths to self realization

In the pursuit of mental tranquility and personal growth, Meditation, Yoga, and NSDR share common aspirations of achieving inner harmony and well-being. These practices advocate focus, self-awareness, and control of the mind and senses, steering individuals on an inward journey for holistic development. However, they each possess distinct approaches and focal points. Meditation, rooted in the Yoga Sutras, emphasizes mental clarity, contemplation, and transcendence. Yoga encompasses physical postures, breath control, and meditative practices, advocating a holistic approach to wellness. Meanwhile, NSDR or Yoga Nidra primarily focuses on guided relaxation techniques, neuroplasticity of the brain, and facilitating a conscious state of deep rest and relaxation.

Self Realization with Yoga
Yoga with Varuna Shunglu

Differences on the path to Inner peace and deep rest and spiritual awakening

Although Meditation, Yoga, and NSDR diverge in their methodologies, they intertwine through shared principles of mindfulness and inner exploration for attaining peace and self-awareness. This has become exceedingly popular in Hollywood and silicon valley. 

While Meditation hones mental clarity, Yoga integrates physical and meditative aspects, and NSDR centers on profound relaxation. Each offers a unique path to achieving mental peace and well-being, reflecting the diversity of methods available to seekers in their quest for inner tranquility and personal growth.

In conclusion, these practices offer diverse yet complementary approaches to inner harmony, encompassing mental clarity, physical wellness, and profound relaxation.  The amalgamation of their shared principles and distinctive methodologies presents a spectrum of paths for individuals in their pursuit of mental serenity and self-discovery. Each method serves as a valuable tool on the journey towards achieving inner peace and holistic well-being.


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Rehabilitation centers can offer various levels of treatment for patients suffering from substance abuse. Treatment can range from inpatient hospitalization and intense medical care to outpatient treatment options for patients who want to keep their independence throughout the program. A structured treatment plan is the first step for most addicts on their path to recovery. Treatment centers can help you figure out what you can do if you have a problem with drugs. The key is to search for reputable drug addiction treatment centers in West Virginia like the one found at www.harmonyridgerecovery.com. Below are some tell-tale signs you need to seek treatment for your drug addiction.

Drugs Are Your Priority

One of the biggest signs signifying you need to seek treatment for your drug problem is that it has become your main priority in life. When you find yourself constantly consumed by thoughts of using all day, you are showing signs of addiction. If you begin to see yourself spending more and more time, effort and money to get and use your drug, it is time to speak with a professional. When addictions get worse, all of your former interests and responsibilities will start taking a back seat to your drug use. Addicts put their drug use above everything else in their lives.

Your Health Is Declining

Substance abuse can bring on a myriad of health problems. These problems can get worse the longer someone uses. The drug being used will often dictate the type of health problems that result. As an example, those suffering from alcohol addiction can find themselves suffering from cancer and liver problems. Substance abuse can take a toll on people’s mental and physical health. With physical symptoms, they can range from mild to severe. The type of physical ramifications will be dependent on a variety of factors including the drug type, the length of use and the individual person’s health.

It Takes More To Get High

When people first start using a drug, it doesn’t take much to feel the effects. The effects usually come on fast and are intense. However, the longer you use a drug, the harder it will be to reach that same feeling. Over time, your body will begin to adapt to the drug and build up a tolerance to it. When your tolerance grows, your body will require more and more of the drug in order to get the same effects. This desire to reach that high using more drugs puts users at an increase of an overdose.

You Suffer From Mental Illness

The reasons why people use drugs are many. Research has shown that a significant number of drug abusers are those trying to self-medicate for a mental illness they are suffering with. Many drugs being abused are for mental illnesses and are to be used to modify the way you feel, think or behave. In time, these drugs lose their potency and people can start to use more in order to try and achieve the same effect. Unfortunately, excessive use of these drugs can trigger worsening mental health symptoms. Treating drug abuse addiction on top of a mental illness needs to be done in a structured environment. The underlying mental health issues need to be fully addressed at the same time the drug abuse is addressed.

Failure At Quitting On Your Own

Addiction is a chronic issue. For most people, their addictions are marked by periods of relapses and periods of recovery. If you find yourself failing to stay on the path of recovery and constantly relapsing, you need professional help. They will help you find a new way to abstain in order to fully recover. While some people find themselves able to get clean on their own terms, others need to check into a rehabilitation center for support. For those with serious addictions, self-treatment doesn’t offer the intensity required to recover. Treatment centers can offer rehab in a safe, structured environment where patients can receive the therapy, medical treatment and stability needed to get clean and remain that way.

These are just some of the more common signs that you should seek professional drug rehabilitation help. There are countless benefits of seeking help from a drug addiction center. Each center will offer treatment programs tailored to your individual needs. No drugs are worth you losing your life for. When you find yourself using drugs more and making them your main focus in life, seek help as soon as possible with a reputable drug rehabilitation treatment center.

When people are heading off on their holiday, they often take some time to consider the cost of travel insurance and whether they actually need it or not. Of course, there are many benefits to getting some travel insurance with everything from your medical bills to any sort of cancellation being covered when you do so. Despite the benefits, many people still head off on their holiday without the protection that they really should. In this article, we are going to discuss whether you really need travel insurance when travelling in Europe or not. Keep reading to find out more.

What Is Travel Insurance?

If you have never purchased travel insurance before then you should know that it can be very comprehensive and can cover a lot of different aspects of your trip. Travel insurance often offers protection against cancellation and any sort of damage or loss to your personal possessions. Medical travel insurance by Staysure is one of few examples of travel insurance that will protect you against expensive medical bills while you are away, and it can give you the help that you need should an unavoidable situation occur. Travel insurance come in many different shapes and forms so make sure to do your research on the best policy for you.

What Is An EHIC Card?

One of the reasons why many people opt to travel without insurance is the fact that they have an EHIC card. If you have never heard of this then you will be interested to know that it is a card that protects European citizens when they are travelling to other countries. If something were to go wrong when you are abroad, you can present your EHIC card to the local hospital and you’ll receive the same treatment that you would if you lived in the country. You also might be able to receive the treatment at a lower cost, so it is something worth considering. Many people head off on holiday with only the protection of their EHIC card, but this is not always a good idea.

Do You Need It?

Many people believe that you don’t really need travel insurance when travelling through Europe, but this is not the case. Even if you have an EHIC card, there are still many benefits to having insurance that you really should not miss out on. By choosing travel insurance that will cover your medical bills
when you are abroad, you won’t need to worry about getting the treatment that you need right away. You will also be able to continue with your holiday without worrying about how much money you have left. It is really important that you get some travel insurance for your next trip and you will be able to head off and not have to worry about the risks.

Final Verdict

Travel insurance comes with many more benefits than just medical cover, but this is definitely one of the most important aspects to consider. If you are someone who likes to enjoy certain activities when you are on your holiday, then you should ensure that you are covered in case anything was to go wrong. With just an EHIC card, you’ll need to pay your bills and you might not ever get that money back. Take a look at the various travel insurance options available online as these are going to give you the peace of mind that you need while you are enjoying your holiday. When travelling in Europe, it is definitely advised that you invest in some travel insurance.

When a person struggles with a drug addiction, overcoming that addiction on their own nearly becomes impossible. Most addicts are unable to quit the drugs they are addicted to cold turkey because they go through withdrawal symptoms that make things nearly unbearable for them, such as the shakes, cold sweats, hallucinations, and nausea. As they start going through these different symptoms on their own, they yearn for the substances they are addicted to even more, seeking them from anywhere they can get them.


A stay at a Scranton rehab can make a world of difference for those with drug addiction. They will need to go through a process where they are being weaned off the substances they were using, but they are being monitored by medical professionals and receiving the support they may have lacked back at home. Some addicts do not have supportive family members or loved ones who are there to help them complete their recovery journey, but those individuals can get all the support they need while receiving residential treatment.


A Private Place to Focus on Recovery

The Scranton Inpatient Drug Rehab provides a private and comfortable place for you to focus on recovery without the normal distractions you may experience back at home. By staying at a residential treatment center in the area, you can focus solely on taking the necessary steps to fight the addiction that has been taking over your life for too long. If you want to overcome your dependency on drugs, staying at a residential treatment center is ideal because you will get away from the world you were living in and you will have a safe place to try to get clean.


Trustworthy and Experienced Medical Staff to Help

Caring, reliable, and experienced medical staff members work at the treatment center and are ready to support you on this journey you are taking. They understand you have been through a lot and they applaud you for wanting to take the necessary steps to get clean. These different professionals are going to provide guidance and will make sure to be there when you need them the most. In the past, you may have felt like you did not have much support available, but now you will no longer have to feel like that because the staff members will have your back.


More Time to Self-Reflect

There are millions of people struggling with an addiction to certain substances. They become so dependent on those substances and struggle to live their lives without those things. In fact, you may not know exactly why you feel like you need to use drugs, but you know that you crave them and want to have them to feel better. While you are receiving treatment at a residential treatment center, you will have a lot more time to self-reflect and speak to professional therapists and psychologists who want to help you.


These professionals want you to open up to them and discuss your struggles. Being open and honest about the things that have happened in your life, both in the past and the present, is a great way to start your recovery journey. Sometimes this process allows you to discover some of the trauma and pain you have been holding onto. You may have used drugs to suppress feelings of sadness and hurt from the trauma you have experienced throughout your lifetime. Being able to self-reflect is a great way for you to recognize different problems and work on them.


Staying at a drug rehab center can make such a positive impact and difference on your life by helping you overcome your trauma and all the underlying causes of the addiction you have struggled with for some time. If you want to have a private place to focus on recovery where you will have the support of trustworthy staff members and will get plenty of time to self-reflect, you should make the decision to stay at the treatment center.


When you’re a child, your parents take care of you and watch out for you. As your parents age, you might find that you need to spend more time caring for them. There may come a point in time when you decide that you need to move an elderly parent or an older loved one into your home. In the same way that you would baby proof each room before your child starts walking, you will need to prepare your home for someone who has limited mobility and other issues.

Make Life Easier

You need to look for ways to make life easier for your loved one. Adding industrial casters to the bottom of shelving units and cabinets can help. These casters help an elderly person get everything he or she needs with fewer struggles. They can pull those shelves out without asking for help to find the things they want or need. You should look for casters with a locking design, especially if you move in someone with memory problems. Those casters lock in place to keep others from pulling the shelves down.

Consider the Bathroom

Elderly people often have problems using the bathroom and even cleaning their own bodies, but there are a few things you can do to your bathroom before that individual moves into your home. You can install rails near the toilet and inside the shower. These rails have a slip-proof design. Users can grab onto the rails when they need help getting into a standing position. They can also use those rails to get in and out of the shower easier. You may want to think about adding a walk-in shower to your bathroom too. These showers have a flat edge that older people can more easily step over.

Think About a Safety System

You should also consider installing a safety system to your home. Many companies make systems that allow elderly people to carry a device on their bodies. In the case of an emergency, they can hit a button on that device to call for help. You can add other products that monitor the user for slips and falls. At the first sign of a fall, the company will alert you to the problem. When you prepare your home, you’ll feel more confident about having an elderly loved one move in with you.

Everyone needs routine dental care. Without it, the health and integrity of the smile are virtually guaranteed to fail. Although regular brushing and flossing can go a long way towards preventing problems like tooth loss and cavities, there are countless issues that this essential self-care simply cannot address. Following is everything you need to know about the services that a general dentist provides, and their impact on your oral and overall health.

Regular Check-Ups And Professional Tooth Cleaning

Regular check-ups and professional tooth cleaning are the foundation of routine, preventative care. These services give general dentists the chance to identify and resolve problems that people often overlook. Brushing is very effective for removing plaque, tartar and food debris from the natural tooth surfaces, and flossing is effective for cleaning in-between the teeth. Unfortunately, however, it is also common for debris to accumulate under the gum-line. By removing these build-ups, dentists can prevent minor issue like halitosis and soft tissue irritation, while staving off serious problems like cavities, tooth loss, and jawbone deterioration. Some dentists such as Union Square Dental see a huge value in educating patients on tooth cleaning and find it the key to overall teeth care. Although brushing and flossing are considered very basic stuff, you will be amazed by the number of people who don’t do them right and end up with teeth pain.

Gum Disease Prevention And How It Can Impact Your Overall Health

Even if the tooth structures remain healthy, trapped food and plaque beneath the gum line can wreak havoc on a person’s health. These are substances that cannot be easily removed with a standard toothbrush and dental floss. Special, ultrasonic equipment is often used by general dentists to loosen this debris and lift it away. When build-ups of plaque and tartar have caused the gums to draw back from the tooth surfaces, procedures like root scaling ad planing will protect the underlying dentin, prevent tooth decay, and restore proper health and functioning to the gums.

Surprisingly, gum infections and the cavities that these infections often lead to are among some of the most common cause of heart diseases and other serious and even fatal, health issues. Whenever oral infections are allowed to spiral out of control, the related bacteria have an opportunity to enter the bloodstream. Once they do, these organisms can wreak havoc on multiple organs and organ systems. Moreover, the body’s efforts to rid itself of these toxins can lead to cellular waste that clogs the arteries by forming large and widespread accumulations of arterial plaque, and increasing the potential for blood clots.

How A General Dentist Can Preserve The Integrity Of Your Jawbone

General dentistry extends well beyond the treatment and care of the natural tooth structures. Many of the services supplied by a general dentist are designed to protect the soft tissues within the mouth, and the underlying jawbone. Timely treatment of tooth infections, cavities, and gum disease can greatly limit a person’s likelihood of bone deterioration and progressive tooth loss. Once small and localized infections are able to impact the jawbone, the density of this structure will gradually be depleted. Not only will this make the jawbone far less effective in supporting the existing tooth structures, but it can also limit or eliminate access to many restorative, cosmetic treatments such as dental implants.

Cosmetic Procedures For Restoring Your Confidence And Boosting Your Marketability

Missing and badly damaged teeth can have a surprising impact on a person’s overall life quality. Even simply talking with people or smiling can be embarrassing given that few things are more unnerving than showing off an incomplete smile. Not only does noticeable instances of tooth loss make people less proactive in the social and professional arenas, but it also makes these individuals less marketable as well. As the modern world becomes increasingly appearance-conscious, it’s becoming increasingly common for people to make snap judgments about others, based solely upon how they look. Working with a general dentist is the perfect way to restore your smile, regain your confidence, and improve the way in which others perceive you.

It’s additionally important to note that problems like tooth loss are often progressive issues. Once the integrity and stability of the smile have been compromised, the remaining, natural teeth ca begin loosening and migrating out of their original positions. Treatments like dental implants and dental bridges can instantly stabilize the smile. They’ll also significantly increase a person’s all-around chewing and talking abilities. Best of all, both implants and bridges are designed to blend seamlessly into a person’s smile. As such, once these treatments are complete, it will be virtually impossible for others to tell that tooth loss has ever occurred at all.

Treatments To Brighten And Enhance The Smile

There are a number of additional, elective procedures that can greatly enhance the overall appearance of the teeth. For instance, in-house whitening treatments can remove stains and other evidence of discoloration with a level of efficacy that isn’t often found in store-bought whitening products. Tooth bonding services and veneers are also offered as longer-lasting alternatives to tooth bleaching and laser whitening procedures. With bonding and veneers, not only can patients get brighter and whiter-looking smiles, but they can also resolve various issues such as chipped, cracked, fractured, and otherwise weakened or misshapen teeth.

Ultimately, the services provided by a general dentist are absolutely essential for maintaining a healthy and beautiful-looking smile. These professionals additionally provide a very broad range of treatments for reversing the cosmetic and functional effects of tooth damage and tooth loss. Best of all, procedures like these can vastly improve a person’s overall life quality by renewing confidence and boosting his or her all-around marketability.

When it’s difficult to go to sleep or when you are overwhelmed with the events in your life, then it’s sometimes tempting to reach out to a doctor who can write a prescription for medications. Natural sleep supplements offered by Accutrition can help in the same way without all of the added products that are found in prescription medications and medications that you can get over the counter. Natural supplements work with the hormones in your body so that you can get on a schedule to sleep at night and stay awake during the day. They can also help to lower the blood pressure, which can sometimes elevate when there is excess stress in life.

The most common reason why you would take a natural sleep supplement is so that you can sleep at night and stay awake during the day when you have to work, care for the family, or complete other tasks during the day instead of feeling like you don’t have any energy. Your brain can begin to function normally once you get on a proper sleep schedule. After you begin sleeping each night with the help of natural supplements, you will usually begin to see that your anxiety diminishes and that you don’t ponder over things as much as you did before when you weren’t sleeping at night.

Natural supplements work with the neurotransmitters in the brain and the rest of the body, telling them that it’s time to wind down and relax. Some supplements can have an impact that is comparable to a sedative. You gently relax into a deep sleep for at least a few hours at a time. The nerve impulses in the body are decreased when you take natural supplements, allowing the brain waves to slow and the muscles to relax. This is often a reason why many people don’t get much sleep at night. They can’t seem to stop thinking about the events of the day, which causes the brain to remain active even after lying down on the bed. The muscles in the body don’t relax when you go to bed if you constantly think about different events and issues. The supplements can help to decrease this kind of anxiety, which then means that you can get a good night’s sleep instead of tossing and turning each night. Natural supplements can also be taken to increase the amount of serotonin in the brain, which is sometimes responsible for the feelings of happiness that you experience during the day. When you’re happy and have positive feelings about your well-being, then it’s usually easier to get to sleep.

Maintaining your good health includes many factors, such as eating a healthy diet, daily exercise, and getting enough sleep. While all these practices can be important in staying healthy, one that is often neglected is the need for proper oral care. Your teeth and gums require daily upkeep to prevent problems that may cause tooth loss or infection. Gum disease can be a major contributor to poor oral health and cause other medical problems that may have far-reaching consequences.


1.      Increased Risk of Heart Attack


Neglecting gum health may have a negative effect on your heart. Some studies have suggested a link between cardiac episodes and gum disease, and while the effects may take time to manifest themselves, the results could be deadly. As bacteria from plaque buildup is swallowed and enters the bloodstream, it could travel to the heart and form clots that may block its arteries. This issue can be especially dangerous if you or your family have a history of heart problems.


If you have been neglecting your gums and increasing the risk of a heart attack, it is never too late to reverse the damage. Visit your dentist to have a proper cleaning and ask him or her about techniques that help keep your gums healthy, such as regular flossing or using a special toothbrush that fights plaque. Talk about any heart problems you may have and whether your dentist has any suggestions about the best way to care for your gums.


2.      Increased Inflammation


The bacteria created by gum disease can cause increased inflammation throughout the body and exacerbate certain chronic illnesses, such as rheumatoid arthritis and type II diabetes. This may cause problems such as swollen joints, muscle pain and weakness, and reduced blood flow to the hands and feet. If you have type II diabetes, maintaining your gum health can be especially important, as high blood sugar can increase inflammation issues and put you at greater risk for further health problems.


Working with your endocrinologist and your dentist can help you reduce the risk of inflammation due to gum disease. Talk to your dentist about any inflammatory diseases you currently suffer from and whether there are any ways you can improve your oral health. You may want to remember that almost any type of food, not just sugary snacks, can cause plaque, so it is important to brush after eating.


3.      Increased Risk of Cancer


Gum disease may lead to more than tooth loss and pain. Some studies suggest a link between the bacteria gingivitis causes and the development of cancerous tumors. The link is strongest with pancreatic cancer, which has one of the lowest survival rates of most types of the disease. It may be that the enzymes in mouth bacteria cause the formation of tumors, and the risk may be greater depending on the severity or advancement of gum disease.


If your family has a history of cancer or you have other health issues that increase your risk, then developing a consistent oral hygiene routine may be something to consider boosting good health. Brush at least three times a day and floss before bedtime. You may want to ask your dentist about a plaque-fighting oral rinse that supports gum health and what other steps you can take to prevent gingivitis.


4.      Irregular Heartbeat  


If you have poor oral health and suffer from heart palpitations, the bacteria created by gum disease may be to blame. This can be especially true if you have only recently developed this issue. Bacterial inflammation that reaches the heart can cause an irregular heartbeat, otherwise known as atrial fibrillation. This condition can cause chest pain, sweating, and even lead to a coronary event. While gum disease may not be a major contributor to this ailment, maintaining proper oral health may reduce your risk of developing it.


One way to reduce bacteria and plaque present on your gums is to have an annual dental scaling. Dentists such as George Hatzigiannis, who have studied the effects of bacteria and oral pathology, can educate you about the importance of scaling and other procedures that may improve gum health. The more you understand about what role your gums and gingivitis may play in your overall health, the more steps you can take to improve it in between professional treatments.


5.      Poor Diet


Just as tooth loss can affect your ability to eat certain foods, so can the pain and inflammation of gum disease. Discomfort may cause you to change your diet or avoid healthy foods that are hard or crunchy, such as carrots and protein-rich nuts. You may also eat less and stop meeting your necessary caloric intake, which may lead to fatigue, poor memory, and dizziness. Maintaining a healthy mouth can prevent this problem and support your ability to eat a balanced diet.


Gum disease can cause a variety of surprising health issues that may affect your heart, joints, and aggravate any existing chronic medical conditions. However, visiting your dentist regularly and following a daily oral care routine can lower the risk of this painful condition and support better overall health.

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