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All About General Dentistry

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Everyone needs routine dental care. Without it, the health and integrity of the smile are virtually guaranteed to fail. Although regular brushing and flossing can go a long way towards preventing problems like tooth loss and cavities, there are countless issues that this essential self-care simply cannot address. Following is everything you need to know about the services that a general dentist provides, and their impact on your oral and overall health.

Regular Check-Ups And Professional Tooth Cleaning

Regular check-ups and professional tooth cleaning are the foundation of routine, preventative care. These services give general dentists the chance to identify and resolve problems that people often overlook. Brushing is very effective for removing plaque, tartar and food debris from the natural tooth surfaces, and flossing is effective for cleaning in-between the teeth. Unfortunately, however, it is also common for debris to accumulate under the gum-line. By removing these build-ups, dentists can prevent minor issue like halitosis and soft tissue irritation, while staving off serious problems like cavities, tooth loss, and jawbone deterioration. Some dentists such as Union Square Dental see a huge value in educating patients on tooth cleaning and find it the key to overall teeth care. Although brushing and flossing are considered very basic stuff, you will be amazed by the number of people who don’t do them right and end up with teeth pain.

Gum Disease Prevention And How It Can Impact Your Overall Health

Even if the tooth structures remain healthy, trapped food and plaque beneath the gum line can wreak havoc on a person’s health. These are substances that cannot be easily removed with a standard toothbrush and dental floss. Special, ultrasonic equipment is often used by general dentists to loosen this debris and lift it away. When build-ups of plaque and tartar have caused the gums to draw back from the tooth surfaces, procedures like root scaling ad planing will protect the underlying dentin, prevent tooth decay, and restore proper health and functioning to the gums.

Surprisingly, gum infections and the cavities that these infections often lead to are among some of the most common cause of heart diseases and other serious and even fatal, health issues. Whenever oral infections are allowed to spiral out of control, the related bacteria have an opportunity to enter the bloodstream. Once they do, these organisms can wreak havoc on multiple organs and organ systems. Moreover, the body’s efforts to rid itself of these toxins can lead to cellular waste that clogs the arteries by forming large and widespread accumulations of arterial plaque, and increasing the potential for blood clots.

How A General Dentist Can Preserve The Integrity Of Your Jawbone

General dentistry extends well beyond the treatment and care of the natural tooth structures. Many of the services supplied by a general dentist are designed to protect the soft tissues within the mouth, and the underlying jawbone. Timely treatment of tooth infections, cavities, and gum disease can greatly limit a person’s likelihood of bone deterioration and progressive tooth loss. Once small and localized infections are able to impact the jawbone, the density of this structure will gradually be depleted. Not only will this make the jawbone far less effective in supporting the existing tooth structures, but it can also limit or eliminate access to many restorative, cosmetic treatments such as dental implants.

Cosmetic Procedures For Restoring Your Confidence And Boosting Your Marketability

Missing and badly damaged teeth can have a surprising impact on a person’s overall life quality. Even simply talking with people or smiling can be embarrassing given that few things are more unnerving than showing off an incomplete smile. Not only does noticeable instances of tooth loss make people less proactive in the social and professional arenas, but it also makes these individuals less marketable as well. As the modern world becomes increasingly appearance-conscious, it’s becoming increasingly common for people to make snap judgments about others, based solely upon how they look. Working with a general dentist is the perfect way to restore your smile, regain your confidence, and improve the way in which others perceive you.

It’s additionally important to note that problems like tooth loss are often progressive issues. Once the integrity and stability of the smile have been compromised, the remaining, natural teeth ca begin loosening and migrating out of their original positions. Treatments like dental implants and dental bridges can instantly stabilize the smile. They’ll also significantly increase a person’s all-around chewing and talking abilities. Best of all, both implants and bridges are designed to blend seamlessly into a person’s smile. As such, once these treatments are complete, it will be virtually impossible for others to tell that tooth loss has ever occurred at all.

Treatments To Brighten And Enhance The Smile

There are a number of additional, elective procedures that can greatly enhance the overall appearance of the teeth. For instance, in-house whitening treatments can remove stains and other evidence of discoloration with a level of efficacy that isn’t often found in store-bought whitening products. Tooth bonding services and veneers are also offered as longer-lasting alternatives to tooth bleaching and laser whitening procedures. With bonding and veneers, not only can patients get brighter and whiter-looking smiles, but they can also resolve various issues such as chipped, cracked, fractured, and otherwise weakened or misshapen teeth.

Ultimately, the services provided by a general dentist are absolutely essential for maintaining a healthy and beautiful-looking smile. These professionals additionally provide a very broad range of treatments for reversing the cosmetic and functional effects of tooth damage and tooth loss. Best of all, procedures like these can vastly improve a person’s overall life quality by renewing confidence and boosting his or her all-around marketability.