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The Surprising Connection Between Overall Health and Your Teeth!

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There is a strong connection between your oral health and your overall health. This may sound surprising but it's true that your oral health could affect your overall health in many ways. Infections in your mouth could trigger the development of other diseases in your body. This means neglecting your teeth could expose you to a big risk and you may end up affecting your overall health.



To help you see how important it is to keep your oral health in check, here are diseases that are affected by dental health.


Heart health

While research is ongoing to reveal the connection between heart health and periodontal disease, many people have observed that the bacteria that develops due to gum disease later moves into your bloodstream, and at this point it triggers inflammation and may raise the risk of getting stroke and heart disease. Therefore, keeping your mouth clean and going for regular checkups could help to show any signs of gum disease before it advances to dangerous stages.



When you are infected with gum disease, the bacteria that is associated with the disease could enter into your blood and affect the way your body controls blood sugar levels. This could possibly lead to diabetes, and those with diabetes also stand a higher risk for gum disease. It's important to have your gums checked regularly by a Dentist with great testimonials to prevent cases where you would likely suffer a bacterial attack on your blood.


Prenatal health

Periodontal disease could also cause premature labor and reduce birth weights. The bacteria is carried in the bloodstream and when it reaches the baby, it causes complications. Different hormones are released during pregnancy and the bacteria may cause more inflammation of the gums. That's why you need to pay keen attention to protecting your teeth from periodontal disease and other related oral health issues.



In some rare occasions, patients with periodontal disease have been diagnosed with different forms of cancer (like breast cancer, pancreatic cancer, and lung cancer). Although research has not yet confirmed if this could be caused by poor oral health, the observations could reveal a cause-and-effect relationship that connects the two, which means there is still a link for contacting these diseases.


  • How to maintain good oral hygiene


It's important that you take time while cleaning your teeth. You should brush all areas of your mouth and ensure to floss regularly so as to get rid of food particles that might be deposited between the teeth. Also make sure to visit a dentist regularly for checkups that will reveal any underlying problems before they grow to serious cases. Use the right toothbrush and replace it often, most recommended to use it for a maximum of three months.


Oral hygiene is a topic that carries a lot of issues and one of the surprising facts you may note is that there is a strong link between your oral health and overall health. Poor oral hygiene will expose you to diseases like gum disease, which will then predispose you to health problems like poor heart health or even diabetes. It is recommended that you observe good oral hygiene and seek the help of a dentist to keep your teeth clean.