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5 worst foods for fat loss for men

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If you are a man and are trying to lose fat, you must be very careful about what you are eating. Your diet will to a great extent decide whether you will be able to lose fat on not. Let’s find out what of the five worst foods for fat loss for men.

High sugar breakfast cereals

Even though cereals are considered as healthy, they may not be so healthy for you, especially when you are trying to lose fat. You should be very careful in choosing the cereal. Many of the commercial cereals contain high amounts of sugar and processed carbohydrates. As it has refined sugar, carbs and fat, it will make you feel hungrier and that will result in you eating more than you should in the next meal.


Cheese may provide you with protein and calcium but it also adds lots of calories to your body. Since it is a high calorie food, one square inch cube will add 70 calories to your body. It is good for you to stay away from cheese platters when you are trying to lose weight and fat.


It should always avoid soda. It contains high amounts of calories and sugar and does not have any nutritional value for you. It is the biggest empty calorie drinks that you can have. Your fat burning efforts can be derailed by refined carbs. When your body gets too much of sugar, it will stop using fat for fuel because it has got sugar as the fuel. So, if you are trying to lose fat, this is the first thing you should start avoiding. You need to avoid any type of sugary drinks.


This is another food that you should completely avoid. Bagels are not good for you when you are trying to lose fat. When you consume one bagel, it means you have consumed six slices of white bread. It contains high levels of refined carbohydrates. When you consume more refined carbohydrates, it will spike your insulin levels. That will also increase cravings for such unhealthy foods. The refined grains will turn into sugar and that sugar will be converted to fat and then stored in your body. It means instead of burning more fat, you are adding more fat to your body. So what to do? You should go for complex carbs in the morning. Such complex carbs include oatmeal. Oatmeal is very good for you because it will not only fuel you throughout the day, it will also help you to burn more fat.

White rice

Even though white rice is a staple food in many countries, it is not a very good choice when you are trying to lose fat. If you cannot avoid eating rice, you can always buy brown rice. White rice does not have fiber and healthy antioxidants. It also does not have much nutritional value. Since it does not have fiber, it cannot make you feel full easily and so you tend to eat more of it. White rice contains high levels of carbohydrates and so more calories. Besides that, you will also feel hungry within a short time. It happens because after you consume white rice, there will be spike in your blood sugar levels and then it will drop. When that happens, you will have a feeling of tiredness, hunger and need of energy. Then you will have to eat again to fulfill the need of energy.


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