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Is your brain sabotaging your fat loss efforts?

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Your brain may be several teaching your efforts to lose fat. Let’s find out how it is doing that.

Everything should be perfect

When you are trying to lose weight, if you think that everything should be perfect than it may be a big problem for you. If you believe that you should be able to completely adhere to the dietary restriction, should be able to perfectly follow the workout regime it may be the root cause of why you are not losing weight. In an ideal world, you should not have any problem in completely following the dietary rules. If you try to be perfect, it may mean you will not be able to sustain your efforts. Circumstances may be difficult and in one or two instances you may not be able to completely follow those rules. That should be completely fine with you. It is not a sign of failure; rather it means that you are adaptable and flexible enough.

Body transformation happens first

Whatever body transformations you are looking for, it will happen slowly. Body transformations do not happen fast. If you are waiting to see the size of your belly goes down or changes in the areas where you have more fat, within a month, probably you will be disappointed. It may need more time. Even though you may not like to hear that it takes some time to see any transformation, but that is the truth. If you understand that, it will be easier for you to accept it and accordingly adjust your expectations. And if you can do that, you will not be disappointed. The progress may be slow but if you continue doing that, you will see results and positive results. Instead of focusing on the time, your focus should be on the final objective that you have, which is to lose fat and to have a better body.

Even though some programs may promise you that it will provide faster results, you may need to go to extremes to achieve that. It may mean consuming extremely low calories, spending 12 hours in the gym or any such extreme things. Probably you will not have time to do that or not the willpower to follow such programs.

You have endless willpower

Even though you think that you have endless willpower, it is not true. You probably have enough willpower to restrict yourself from having those cookies and junk foods or the cold drinks. But your willpower has a limit and you can use a certain amount of willpower every day. There are different situations in your life where you need to use your willpower besides using it to follow the dietary restriction and to exercise regularly. If you are using your willpower in some other cases, you may not have any left for focusing on your weight loss journey. You are probably having a bland diet without much of oil, sugar and spices. So, continuing with that diet to lose weight may become very difficult for you and you may suddenly find yourself completely avoiding your previously strong determination to lose weight.

This is a short-term gig

You may think that this is a short term gig, but it is not. It is a lifetime thing that you need to do. You simply cannot discontinue your diet and exercise program once you reach your destination of losing fat. This is a lifestyle that you will need to accept and adopt.


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