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Strength training for fat loss

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If you are trying to lose fat and weight, you don't have to spend countless hours doing cardio and you don't have to go to the gym five or six days in a week and spend hours in there. It is possible to lose fat and weight with the help of strength training without having to perform lots of cardio exercises.

You need compounds strength training for losing fat and weight. When people start their journey of losing weight and fat, day generally go for a program that includes cardio and dieting. They do not focus much on strength training but strength training can be the thing that you need because it can help you burn just as much fat as cardio.

Cardio shrinks you down. It means it shrinks down both fat and muscle. As a result of that you and up being skinny and soft. On the other hand, if you look at bodybuilders they retain and build muscle while burning off fat. That is possible for them because they focus on strength training. When you create a bigger engine, it will burn more fuel. In the same way, when you have larger muscles, they will burn more calories and more fat.

Another advantage you have of compound strength training over cardio is that, while cardio burns calories and fat when you are performing it, high rep,  strength training will help you to keep burning fat calories even after you complete the work out. It happens because it alleviates your metabolism and the metabolism is kept alleviated even after exercise.

Compounds strength training has high EPOC or Excess Post Exercise Oxygen Consumption. When you go for a well-designed strength program, it can alleviate your EPOC or metabolism for up to 38 hours after the workout. This simply means you continue to burn more calories for up to 38 hours even after completion of your strength training. Isn't this wonderful? You keep getting the benefit even long after you complete your exercise. It means you're getting the benefit without doing anything for the next one day and half after completion of the exercise. On the other hand, when you stop cardio the calorie burning stops as well. Doesn't it necessarily mean that you are getting more benefit by going for strength training? Why would you then go for cardio?

Strength training and diet

To get the maximum benefit from your strength training program and that hard work and efforts you are putting in, you need to combine your strength training with diet. You need to right diet so that you get the maximum benefit possible within a specific period. If your diet is wrong, all the pain and efforts may go to waste because you will not be able to achieve the desired result because the diet will derail everything. You don't want that.

It will be far better if you combine your strength training program with diet and cardio. The combination is necessary because when you combine strength training with the right diet and cardio, you will be able to burn more fat. By increasing the growth hormone in your body, it is possible to lose fat fast. For that, you need to perform weight training at higher reps with shorter rest periods. Initially, you can bulk up and add more muscle to your body by eating more. It may also add some fat to your body but you can strip that fat away through diet and training.


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