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Why you should avoid prescription drugs

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Whenever you have a medical problem, your doctor is likely to prescribe some prescription drugs to help you get rid of the problem. But such prescription drugs themselves can cause severe problems to your health. Let’s find out why you should avoid using prescription drugs.

They may not work

Even though the drugs are prescribed in the hope that they will work and alleviate the pain and suffering of the patient, but many of those drugs may not work. For example, opioid-based pain medications were primarily given by doctors for short-term pain management and it was also given to people suffering from terminal illnesses. If opioids are prescribed for long-term pain management, they may become ineffective for the patient. In fact, they may negatively impact the health of the patient. Such prescription medicines may result in lower overall quality of life. There is a condition known as hyperalgesia, which may increase the sensitivity of the patient to painful stimuli and that condition may result from abuse of opioid medicines.

Since we do not know which medicines will work on your case, the doctor will prescribe them based on his judgment but a particular medicine may not work for you, while it works for other people.

The risks may be higher than the benefits

The risk associated with prescription drugs may be higher than the benefits they offer. Many such prescription drugs may result in addition. If that happens, it increases the possibility of the patient switching to harder drugs like heroin. It means, if you are somehow addicted to the prescription drugs, once the prescription ends, the possibility of going for another drug increases a lot. This is a very big risk when compared to the benefits prescription drugs have to offer. It is very important to ensure that the effectiveness of the prescription medicine in case of the individual patient is very high when compared to the possibility of benefits it might offer.

Such risks out there with all types of prescribed medicines and so you have to be very careful while using any such type of medicines.

There may be better alternatives

This is another very important reason why you should avoid using prescription drugs. There are different types of over-the-counter medicines available which can help you in different situations. For example, there are effective over-the-counter medicines available for pain management. There are not only effective but they also have less possibility of injury or dependence and so they can be used for longer duration. There are other holistic treatment options available which can be applied, which will not only help the patient to get out of the medical situation but will also improve the overall health and life condition. Such holistic treatment options include yoga and acupuncture. They are very effective in case of chronic pain and they will help you to get the same benefit as that of prescription drugs. It is even possible to avoid prescription drugs completely when you use yoga, could puncture or any other such alternative ways to fight the medical problem. They’re very effective against any type of pain in the body.

If you need to use prescription drugs, you should see a specialist and get the recommendation from him. The specialist doctor will help you to specify the problem and will find the right prescription medicines with the lowest possible side-effects.


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