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Create an athletic looking body for women

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It's easier for women to create an athletic looking body in comparison to man. You need to burn more fat and you can create a body that looks like an athlete. You generally don’t get too bulky because you need to lift very heavy weights for a long time to get bulky.

Let’s find out how you can create an athletic looking body.

Train in all three planes of motion

It is important to train your body in all three planes of motion. Such exercises will include strength exercises that need you to rotate, turn, twist and perform side to side motions. Such exercises are good for you because they will help you to train in all three planes of motion. Unless you are rehabilitating or a beginner, you should do minimal of machine based training, because mission-based training focuses on the sagittal plane, which is up down, forward backward movements. You should avoid machines because they limit your natural movement patterns.

Focus on the core

Athletes have strong, muscular bodies which include the code. It is very important to stabilise and strengthen the core first and then you can move to other organs and limbs. There are different types of exercises which will help you to stabilize and strengthen the core. Such exercises include bridges, planks, Cobras, bird dogs, back extensions and superman's. Once you can stabilise and strengthen the core, then you can move to full speed cold exercises on your feet. Those exercises include medicine ball chops, medicine ball throws, medicine ball slams and medicine ball rotational throws etc.

Improve muscle balance

It is important to improve your muscular balance. Once you can do that, it will help you to build muscle all over your body. The front side and backside and the upper body and lower body should have muscular balance.

Add bodyweight and dumbbell exercises

If you want to build a body like athletes, you will need to include more bodyweight and dumbbell exercises in your workouts. You will be able to perform exercises at higher speeds and that will help you to burn more fat.

You will need to go to heavier weights but you can do that only after your joints and muscles are stabilised and balanced. The logic is very simple. If you cannot do bodyweight squats correctly, how can you do heavy weights squats correctly? And without the correct form, how can you expect to achieve the results you want?

Focus on compound exercises

For an athletic body, you will need to focus on compound exercises which include multi-joints. Such exercises include squats of different types, bench press, rows, lunges, step ups and deadlifts. They will help you because they will work on major muscle groups and build more muscle mass while burning more fat from your body.

Improve your flexibility

When you are working towards creating an athletic looking body, it is important to improve your flexibility. It is very important that you correct your postural problems and you do that in the early stages of training. What happens if you do not correct your postural problems? It will create injuries while exercising. If you go for intensive training with the wrong posture, it is likely to create injuries for you. And if you are injured, how can you work out? When you improve your flexibility, it will not only help you to lose fat and create a more athletic looking body, but it will also help you to do more things.


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