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Slow fat loss can be a dangerous idea

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In case of fat loss, you will hear that a slow and steady approach to fat loss is always better than other types of approaches. However, slow and steady fat loss ways and methods can be dangerous for you. Let's find out why it is so.

It can destroy your metabolism

If you are trying to lose fat slowly, it can murder your metabolism. Scientific study down in Newcastle University found that when people followed an extreme diet just for a few days they could lose 10 pounds of body weight within 6 days but took another group of people six weeks to lose the same amount of weight because they followed a easier calorie diet. And people in this group also had the highest drop in resting metabolism. If you're losing fat fast, it does not lower your resting metabolism or even if there is a drop, the drop will be the smallest and insignificant. If you're trying to lose but slowly, it can destroy your metabolism. It is always better to try to lose fat faster because it does not negatively impact your metabolism.

So, next time you go for a slow and steady fat and weight loss program, be careful about it because it can have long-term impact on your health. If your metabolism is somehow affected negatively, it will not only cause problems for you in the short-term, but it will also have repercussions in the long-term. Any problem with your metabolism will result in different health issues for you.

You cannot lose your fat

If you're trying to lose fat and weight slowly, you can completely mess the chances of losing your fat. If you're trying a slow and steady fat and weight loss approach, it can increase your fat mass means you can gain fat instead of losing it. It will also decrease your lean mass because you will lose lean mass from your body. It will also decrease your total energy expenditure and you will become less active. It will also decrease your resting energy expenditure because the metabolism will slow down.

So, if you're trying to lose fat and weight with a mild calorie deficit, it can bring disaster.

It can imbalance your hormones

If you're losing fat slowly, it can be dangerous for you as it can imbalance your hormones. It is important to lose fat slowly to avoid any negative impact on your hormones. You will generally hear that when you try to lose fat too fast, then it imbalance is your hormones but that is not true.

If you are a long term dieter, then you are likely to have 70% lower testosterone levels and 28% lower VO2Max levels.

Regaining fat

If you are losing fat slowly, you are more likely to gain it all back. It may seem surprising because we have always heard that crash dieting leads to yo-yo weight gain. However, scientific studies have found otherwise. Such studies found that dieters who lost the most weight during a short time where the most successful at keeping the weight off six months later. On the other hand, when you go for slow fat loss methods, it will not only take lots of time to lose the right amount of fat, but will also increase the possibility of getting that fat back.


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