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Why your healthy diet may not help you to lose weight

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Even though you are eating a healthy diet, you are not losing the excess weight you have. It may mean that you are doing something is wrong and if you know about them, it'll be easier for you to rectify which will ensure that you lose weight while following your healthy diet.

Frequent changes

If you frequently change your diet, that can be one of the reasons why your healthy diet is not helping you to lose weight. If you keep changing your diet every few days and go for different fad diets, it can be counter-productive and instead of losing weight, it may add more weight to your body in the long run. It is always better to stick to a particular diet for at least three months if you really want to see some results. However, before opting for a particular diet, you should be careful to ensure that it does not exclude too many food groups. If it does, it may not be the best diet option to you. If you opt for a healthy diet, stick to the diet for a few months before going back to your earlier and then you'll be able to see some changes.

Also one diet may interact negatively with the previous diet and the changes it has made in your body. Some of the ingredients in one diet may not be suitable for you immediately after some other ingredients from another diet.

Your portion size is wrong

Another reason why you are not losing weight with your healthy diet may be a problem with your portion size. You can get a digital scale and measure the portions of food you are consuming. It may happen that you're eating multiple servings of healthy foods without realizing it and that is causing addition of more weight to your body.

You consume diet drinks

Since you're trying to lose weight, whenever you consume drinks you go for the diet options. However, diet soda can actually make you gain weight. Why is that? Because they contain artificial sweeteners which can raise your insulin levels and lower blood sugar. As a result of that you will be hungrier and will consume more food, thereby increasing the possibility of overeating.

You have a wrong exercise routine

If the exercise routine you are following is not right for you, it can also cause problems in losing weight. If you go for a heavy workout, it is more likely that you will eat more foods afterwards. It is also possible that you will overestimate the amount of calories you burned and to substitute that you may consume more food. That is why it is important to plan your pre-workout and post workout meals in advance so that you can avoid the temptation. It will also help you to ensure that you are not eating more food or increasing your portion size.

Cheat days

Cheat days are generally recommended in between diet and diets. However, these days are not good for you for your long-term weight loss efforts. It can ruin your diet and weight loss progress. If you binge eat one day in a week, it may not be possible for you to control and contain that within that day. It may also destroy the progress you have made within the week.


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