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Diet mistakes and why you are not losing weight

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To lose weight, most people take to dieting. However, even after dieting, you may not lose weight. That happens because you have made some common diet mistakes and as a result, you are not losing weight.

weight loss

weight loss

The common diet mistakes that people make which stop them from losing weight-

Rushing to the finish

You don’t have to rush to complete your meal. You’re not in a contest to finish your meal in record time. The habit of eating rapidly is an unhealthy habit and you should avoid it. Eat more leisurely, savor your food, taste it well. Eating slowly will also help you to avoid overeating because you will get the signal of fullness long before. If you rush to finish a meal, you may overeat before you get the signal of fullness.

Skipping meals

You should never skip your meals. Specially, never skip your breakfast. Scientists have found that people who skip breakfast weigh more than the people who eat it. People who eat less than three meals actually eat more calories during the day. They end up eating more even though they try to save some calories by skipping one or two meals. You should have at least three meals every day. Start your day with a healthy breakfast. Choose the foods wisely and eat how much you need. You need to watch your food because you don’t want to pile up lots of calories. Your healthy breakfast should include both fiber and protein. Eggs, wheat and grapefruits are good for you. Keep yourself full till lunch.

Adding more calories from liquid

Liquid calories can mess up your weight loss program. Your body gets Liquid calories from alcohol, coffee, smoothies, sweetened juices, sodas and teas. They can contribute to weight gain by adding more and more calories to your body. About 20% or more calories may come from beverages. Since they do not impact your hunger, you tend to drink more beverages and thereby add more calories to your body.

You can switch from those calorie laden beverages to simple water. He can also drink club soda, skim milk, and juices. Alcoholic drinks including beer can add lots of calories faster. Sodas and sweetened cold drinks can also add lots of calories in a single serving.

Oversized portions

You may not lose weight and rather add more weight if you make this mistake. If you always order huge portions whenever you eat, you are more likely to gain weight. You need to cut down the size of the portions. You need to check your portions which measuring cups and standards if possible. You can use smaller plates and bowls. You can also leave a few bites of food on your plate. Check out if the portion size you think as normal is actually a bigger portion size and if you can reduce it.

Mindless eating

Doctors also call it eating amnesia. This is a condition, where you put your hand to mouth unknowingly. While you’re watching television or movies, or reading a book, you tend to get foods from your hand to mouth from a bag or box. Even if you are eating smaller portions of your snacks, you are adding more and more calories. You will need to resist the temptation. Switching off your television while eating something will also help you a lot.

Instead of thinking about dieting, you can take a look at your everyday habits to lose weight. Going on a diet can result in increased cravings and obsession with foods.
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