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We all know of this expression, and it is the age old rule of gratitude, etched in gold. We are not always thankful for what we have, such is the human nature; thankless. We want more and more and still more and we lose sight of what we already have and never value things and people close to us.


Some People Are Just Born With It


Do you just feel thankful once a year on Thanksgiving or is that an everyday ritual for you? If latter is the case with you, you will always have enough. Money you can spend in abundance, loving and caring relationships, a fulfilling career, strong friendships and family that support you through thick and thin. That so called good luck think exists in others’ lives can exist in yours too, but only if you attract it towards you. You simply have to cultivate a generous and genuinely thankful heart.


You’ll find that the more you are grateful for what all you have so far from life, good health, a running car, a sweet house, and a reasonably good job“ the easier it becomes to go through daily life.


Showing Abundance In Daily Gratitude


But, if you’re addicted to constantly fussing about money or finances, or your job, or even the state of your marriage, or how much debt you own to the loan sharks, you’re going to receive more of the same in your life. You're clearly not grateful for what you have received far from life and when your focus is on negative feelings and emotions such as fear, anxiety, insecurity or frustration, you will have ample opportunities to revel in them even more.


Life is a demon on all fours and the best way to tame it is through meditation for gratitude. Remember, it is not going to be fair, life never is, and that's the way of the Universe we live in. So unless you find a different universe to live in, learn to practice being grateful and you will know what you have been missing out in life or the life you have been missing out for so long.


To enjoy a rich, successful and a much happier and self-fulfilled life, you need to be grateful, thankful and mean it. You'll notice that you’ve become more connected with yourself, you have elevated from your usual self and feel a much needed surge of power and strong will. You'll eventually stop seeking love or acceptance, or approval from anyone. You'll feel closer to nature.  You can almost feel the wisdom of the Universe running through your veins, enlightening you from within. You'll abandon all your fears, the thoughts of uncertainties, be it your marriage or your job, or the economy. Need some help steering towards a grateful mind?


Shutting off the negative thoughts from your mind is the very first step you need to take, out many are not quite sure how to go about it. Meditation for gratitude teaches you how to substitute negativity for a quiet, peaceful, tranquil, and grateful consciousness that will alleviate all the doubts from the mind.


Give It A Try


Finding 5 to 10 minutes in the evening or morning won’t be hard for you to spare for a little one on one with nature. Find a relaxing spot in your house or balcony or the terrace or the garden, when you are alone and are not expecting any calls or are free from any interruptions or distractions. Sit or lied down on a mat or a pillow, whichever feels more comfortable. Cross your legs and slowly close your eye and become more aware of yourself.