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Hazards of being a couch potato

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It is usually tempting to make excuses that you cannot wake up for the gym in the morning or can you go in the evening because of your late working hours. All you want to do is sit back lazily and slouch on the sofa while holding your favorite flavor of chips in your hand.

This will lead to nothing but add on more weight to your body along with the tag of a lazy man. You also must have heard of people telling you not to watch TV while you having your food. This contains a logic of you not able to decide how much food you want thereby ending eating more than required and hence getting closer to obesity. Even a research shows that the more number of hours you spend on the T.V being a couch potato, the more are the chances of you being overweight, thus giving you in bounty, more tendencies to laze on the couch. This forms a vicious circle. But more than the harm that is caused to you by stuffing in all the junk that you can have on the couch; it is the lying down in the same position for long period of time, which is dangerous to your health.


Being a couch potato is directly linked to fat cells


A research done at the Tel Aviv University has revealed that the fat cell precursors which are at a nascent stage get converted into fat cells faster and happen to be catalyze more quickly when you are lying down or sitting for long hours. These hours of long duration when you are resting on your certain parts of your body are referred to as mechanical stretching loads.  Because of this stress over selected areas, it becomes easier for the body to create fat owing to this inactiveness due to which the fat cells produce more fat forcing the cell to elongate and become bigger in size.


The damage that can't be undone

It is even more alarming to note what the studies say about the effects that these long hours of working have on our body. The studies say that the effects are irreversible and cannot be even improvised by exercising in the later stage even if you do hit the gym, run in the open or go for cycling. Therefore, there is no scope left for you to think that you can crouch on your couch consoling yourself that you have exercised enough for the day and you might just end up playing with your body too bad.


Another study found in The Journal of the American College of Cardiology says that the male populations who are used to sitting in front of the Television are more prone to getting heart attacks than the men who watch it less and are physically active outdoors. Also, the results were fatal for men who spent more than 4 hours sitting at the same place and had 50% more chances of dying earlier.

Prevention is better than cure

Though various studies are being conducted to find out the exact duration of stillness in the human body before the fat cells start altering themselves, but the basic cure still remains prevention. The people should prefer to spend more time outside in the fresh air so as to keep the agility of the body alive always. Whether it is playing video games or watching T.V, the fun is short lived since it is harming your body in the long run. Therefore, try to limit these indoor hours of leisure and try to explore new hobbies or stick to schedules that keep you healthy.