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Can exercise keep you young?

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Exercise keeps you fit and physically active. You must have heard this cliché somewhere in your life but have you ever heard about something like exercise can keep you young.

Research at California University has shown that about 40 minutes of regular exercise tends to slow down your ageing process by retarding the motion of the age thereby making you feel young

The exercise usually starts with the cardiovascular set where you either run on the treadmill, running on a cross trainer or cycling on the cycling machine or otherwise. This tends to keep the heart healthy and in the usual pumping spirit, thereby pumping the blood in all the parts of the body aptly and making your skin look glowing and young.

Apart from keeping the heart young, the exercise tends to keep the body young in the following ways:-


Upright posture- Whether you are doing cardio or weight training, the exercise tends to keep your framework really fit and inspire you to have the food , best to keep you in your desired shape.

Good blood circulation- The blood circulation of the body improves because the heart stays healthy and is able to pump out its blood efficiently without any layers of fat posing as an obstruction and therefore maintaining the oxygen supply to the brain and the other parts of the body.

Physically active- The exercise make you active since you end up rejuvenating your cells when you exercise and they pay you back by keeping you active and alive all the while.


Better Shape- Without any doubt, that is always the first reason for anyone to join any gym to look better and in shape to attract the opposite sex. Exercise gives you that and makes you feel more confident about yourself.

Better Self Esteem- The more strictly you adhere to your schedule, the more you are able to keep your body fit and in the desired shape and this helps you boost your self esteem and raise your confidence levels.


For somebody who has never seen their days with the exercise in their morning or evening menu, happen to doubt if exercise can bring such benefits in their lives. Whenever that is the case, try to look for your favorite star like Shakira or Usher and think how come they look 10 years young to what their real age is. All, you need to do is take the first step and the rest 99 will follow. Here are some tips that will help you to get started:-


1. Try to find a friend who is himself very passionate about fitness and make it a habit to go for the morning jog or exercise with him. Keeping a company with you will keep a check that you are sincere with your sessions.

2.  If you cannot find a friend around, try to keep a motivation for you to go for your exercise sessions every day. It can be a friend who has a great built or a movie star whose body you aspire to have one day.


3. Keep things slow and do not try to rush in with your routine. This is only going to exert more stress on your body and you might even end up hurting yourself.


4 Try to keep a personal trainer for the initial sessions since he understands your body strength and endurance better and would be able to make a good schedule for you to stick on.

5. Keep a goal in mind as to what kind of frame are you aiming at and take necessary diet keeping your trainer in the loop.