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Medical benefits of Pilates

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Pilates offers several medical benefits to you when you regularly engage in Pilates. Besides keeping you in shape, it also helps you to stay healthy and avoid the lifestyle diseases that are often prevalent in today's time. Let's find out what are the most common benefits of Pilates.


1. Whole body fitness

Pilates works on the whole body and help you develop whole body fitness. It does not focus on specific parts of the body like some other types of exercises. The movements included in Pilates help you work on different parts of the body so as to keep your body fit. It takes the body as an integrated whole. The range of motion and the various exercises help in full body fitness. It offers an integrative fitness.

2. Increases strength

Pilates help you to develop long and lean muscles. The main focus of this exercise type is not building muscles, but rather building toned muscles. It focuses on the functional fitness which you need in your daily life. It results in long and strong muscles using eccentric contraction of the muscles.

3. Increases flexibility

Benefit of Pilates

Pilates focuses on the lengthening and strengthening of the muscles using the different movements and stretching techniques along with range of motions. With the regular exercises prescribed in Pilates, flexibility of the different limbs of your body comes naturally.

4. Improves posture

if you have a good posture, it means you have a good spinal alignment along with a strong core. Pilates works on your body to offer you a strong core. With the help of the specific exercise and motions, it helps in alignment of the spine. Starting from the fundamentals of Pilates, and going to the mat and equipment exercises, Pilates increases the flexibility of different limbs of the body and helps in correcting any wrong postures.

5. Increases awareness

Pilates is a coordination of body, mind and spirit. In this exercise, you will need to practice the movements with complete attention. The focus of the exercises is to bring your body and mind together. Regular Pilates exercises will increase your awareness about your body and mind and the surroundings. Concentration, control, breath, precision and flow are some of the important aspects of Pilates, which will help in increasing your awareness.

6. Develops core strength

Core strength is a very important aspect of exercising and fitness and it helps in keeping you fit and healthy. Core strength also helps in development of muscles in different parts of the body besides offering more balance. Strong core muscles are needed for a strong back, efficient movement of the body and good posture. Strong core also helps in the development of the flat abs that everybody wants.

7. Promotes weight loss

Another benefit of Pilates is weight loss. Practising Pilates continuously will change your body. It will give you a great shape and remove the unwanted fat from your body. In the process of removing anything excess from your body, it will reduce your body weight. It will help you to develop lean muscles without fat, tone the muscles and thereby will help you to lose weight. It will not only look you fit, but will also feel fit.

8. Increases energy

Pilates is such an exercise that helps you to become more energetic. It releases the energy trapped in your body and makes you more energetic to handle the daily chores better. The breadth and movements involved in Pilates stimulates the spine and muscles of the body and thereby releases the beneficial hormones to make you feel more energetic and happy.

Pilates tips you fit and healthy and keeps away the possible diseases, medical conditions and disorders by increasing the inner body fighting mechanism strength.

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