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Tai Chi Health Benefits

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Tai chi is a form of martial arts that originated from China. It's a mild slow motion exercise that can effectively help you treat a number of ailments.
Tai ChiIt combines physical activity and meditation techniques and requires very little effort. This means that tai chi is safe for almost everyone, including geriatric patients. As tai chi isn't demanding in terms of exercising, you can start practicing it even if you are seriously out of shape.

In combination with specialized medicines, tai chi has been proven effective for treating:

The most prominent effects of tai chi are:

  • Improved equilibrium and strength
    The exercise may be mild, but it gets your muscles working and builds up their strength gradually. This makes tai chi perfect for rehabilitation after surgery and injury.
    The worse the original condition of the patient is, the faster their progress will be if they practice correct tai chi techniques.
    Improvements in equilibrium help older people and those recuperating from strokes keep their balance and minimize the risk of falling.
  • Reduction in pain and stiffness levels
    Stiff muscles cause great pain, discomfort and slow down post-injury recovery process. Bear in mind that even a light regular workout can aggravate many conditions. Mild exercise will allow you to ease the pain gradually.
  • Improved sleep
    Relaxing effect of tai chi helps treating even severe sleep disorders, regardless of their cause. The effect of this exercise can be compared to those of drugs and therapy.
  • Enhanced immunity
    Tai chi can boost your immune system through improving blood flow.
  • Enhanced tendon and ligament flexibility
    One should know that neither tendons, nor ligaments can be stretched. The only way to make them flexible is through diet and specialized exercise. Keeping your ligaments, tendons and muscles in top shape will minimize risk of serious injury.
  • Improved digestion
    Tai chi will help fix your posture reducing the pressure on internal organs. This, combined with unobstructed blood flow, will improve your digestion. This effect will allow your body to absorb more minerals and vitamins from food and will affect your overall wellbeing greatly.
  • Slowing down the aging process
    Many years ago, Chinese people believed that practicing tai chi can help you stay young. Today, scientists managed to prove this by conducting various studies.
  • Positive psychological effect
    Meditation techniques that are a part of tai chi exercises help people regain their psychological balance. This technique is used for treating depression as well as for anger management.

Practical Benefits of Practicing Tai Chi

It's very easy to master this type of exercise, so you won't have to invest a great deal of money in trainers and equipment.

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Other benefits of practicing tai chi are:

  • Training requires very little space. You can exercise in your bedroom or living room and feel completely comfortable. You won't have to give up your routine while on a trip.
  • Risk of injury is minimal because of low-impact movements.
  • You can practice it at any time of day.
  • You won't need to buy any special clothing or equipment.
  • You will be the one to set the pace and intensity you are comfortable with.
  • Tai chi can be effectively practiced in groups. This means you can perform some exercises with colleagues during breaks.
  • There is a great variety of moves and techniques. You will be able to choose something that meets your physical needs perfectly. Diversity of the available exercises will keep you interested.