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Proven Methods to Increase Your Height

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Short people often feel inadequate and can be discriminated against for no other reason than their height. This problem affects millions of people. Results of such treatment are low self-esteem and a number of psychological disorders of varied severity.
Get FitTo help the people who suffer from this injustice, doctors, scientists and other specialists came up with several methods that can increase your height. Even adults, whose bodies are fully formed, have a chance.

Where to Look for Help?

The Internet is the best source of information on this subject. There are dozens of websites where you can find techniques that should assist in solving your problem.

Please note that not all of them can be trusted to be effective. If you are looking for something that will definitely work, click here!

When choosing an effective growth program, you should pay attention to the following:

  • Safety
    The exercise or other methods that the program uses to achieve its goal must be completely safe for your health. Don't risk taking any uncertified drugs or supplements that haven't been researched properly.
  • Efficiency
    Personally you will only be able to estimate the efficiency of the program after you start using it. Before spending your money on any program, you should look for reviews of this technique on various forums and social networks. This way, you will learn what people have to say about it, and maybe even chat with someone who has already tried it.
  • Usability
    Whatever the exercises and other treatment methods included in the program are, they should be easy to perform. You should be able to do what's required of you anywhere, so you can continue to work on this problem even during work trips and vacations.

How Do Height Booster Programs Work?

In order to understand how efficient a height boost program can be, you should know what affects a person's natural growth.

  • People grow naturally from the moment of their birth to 19 years for women and 25 years of age for men. During this time you are supposed to reach the maximum height designed by your genes.
  • The process of natural growth can be affected by various factors, such as: environment, nutrition, level of physical activity. The combination of these factors will determine whether you reach your genetic height potential or no.
  • The lower part of your body starts growing before the upper part, because it mostly consists of solid bones. As soon as they are fused, they will stop growing completely.
    However, the cartilage between the bones can be expanded through specialized training.
  • For the bones to grow, your body will require a great amount of calcium. It is the building material for this part of your body. Thus, you should adjust your diet to increase your calcium intake.
    Please note that this element is difficult to absorb, so you may need to take some supplements to complement the dietary changes.
  • Lack of sleep is extremely detrimental for any kind of treatment that aims to increase your height.
  • Stretches, hanging exercises and swimming are the most effective when it comes to increasing your height. You should practice the former every day and swim not less than five hours a week.

Are Height Booster Programs Safe?

If you only go for programs that are based on natural treatment, meaning diet and exercises, they should be completely harmless.

Bear in mind that it's essential to consult your doctor before you start this new training. Regardless of how safe the program seems, you must discuss it with a professional that can estimate the overall effect it will have on your body.

If you experience any serious discomfort during exercise or as an after-effect of taking some supplement, contact a health care professional immediately.