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Losing fat and weight with soup

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Why soup?

When you're trying to lose weight and fat, it can be difficult for you because you may feel deprived or hungry when you need to restrict or reduce your food intake. Soups can help you in this journey by filling you up while at the same time without aiding any extra calories to your body.

This becomes more important when you go out with your friends to eat out. If you're going to restaurant, this is a great often for you to order where you don't have to worry about adding more and more calories by eating the restaurant food.

There are canned soups available which are good for home-cooked diet meals. A study published in the June 2005 issue of Obesity Research found that people who consumed two servings of low energy dense soups every day experienced 50% more weight loss than those who took in the same amount of calories in a high energy dense snack.

However, you need to understand that eating the right types of soup can be beneficial to fat and weight loss.

Are all soups good?

Even though generally soup is good, there are some soups which are not good for you when you're trying to lose fat and weight. If this soup is high in calories and not very filling, it is not good for you. It is always better to avoid soups with cheese. So, you need to avoid soups with cheddar cheese or broccoli and cheese soup. Also try to avoid cream-based soups like cream of mushroom, cream of tomato and other such cream soups. Do not eat bread with your soup. When you order you soup in a restaurant, you generally get bread with it. Avoid that bread, because otherwise you will be adding lots of calories to your body. If your soups contain carrots, barley, whole grains, lentils, chicken breast, they are good for you because they will add different types of vitamins and minerals to your body.

How soup can help?

Soup is a watery food and that's why it is food with low-calorie density. It has low number of calories in every serving size in compared to other foods. If you are consuming clear or broth-based soups, there is a possibility that you will be able to control the fat and weight. If you soup has fiber and proteins, it is a better soup for you because they are filling nutrients. So, choose a soup that contains vegetables, beans and lean protein.

A substitute

Soup is a low-calorie substitute and you can use it to substitute different types of high calorie foods you generally consume. It is very good for you when you're trying to lose fat and weight because it will not add too many calories to your body while filling you up and not keeping your hungry. If you to lose fat and weight, eat soup instead of high calorie foods or meals. For example, if you consume a broth-based bean soup with vegetables, it is always lower in calories in comparison to beef chili, which can be high in saturated fat and cholesterol. A warm bowl of soup can also be more filling and at the same time lower in calories in comparison to a large serving of hot chocolate or coffee drink.


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