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Boost your health with fulvic acid – A sneak peek

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The fact that fulvic acid helps in absorbing essential nutrients better makes it a much sought after active chemical compound. It helps us in assimilating probiotics, antioxidants, minerals, and fatty acids much better. It has a wide array of benefits and this is what has been highlighted in the present write-up. In the paragraphs that follow, you will be able to get a better glimpse of the same. So, read on for more information.

How will you benefit from fulvic acid?

It may be mentioned here that it is found in nature as a byproduct of metabolic processes. In other words, you get this acid when there is decomposition of organic plants, which in turn sets off millions of thousands of bacteria.


  • Aids in detoxification


It is a well known fact that you take in toxins from a number of sources that include air pollution, household products, water, food, and certain medicines that are toxic when used over a prolonged period of time. Humic acids have been found to be helpful in disintegrating toxins and metals. Chelation therapy causes humic acid to bind to the toxins and break the down.


  • Boosts digestion


Proper metabolic functions require that trace minerals and electrolytes are acquired adequately thereby facilitating assimilation of nutrients and improving digestive health. Fulvic acid even when taken in small quantities/doses improves the ratio of bacteria that reside in the gut. In turn unpleasant symptoms like constipation, diarrhea, sensitivity to food, and bloating are alleviated.


  • Maintains optimum pH level


By taking fulvic acid, the optimum pH level in the body is attained and also maintained. It neutralizes the acidic environment in the body; it helps in preventing chronic diseases that develop over a period of time against various harmful organisms, yeast, fungus, and bacteria.


  • Reduces inflammation in digestive system


This acid has been found to transport nutrients as well as minerals to the cells aside from providing raw materials. It also facilitates rate of absorption of nutrients and increases the permeability of the cells. It reduces inflammation within the digestive system and improves gut health.


  • Reduces pain and boosts energy levels


Studies have proved that by taking this acid supplement, the energy levels of individuals improved remarkably. Experts are of the opinion that this takes place mainly because fulvic acid leads to detoxification, better absorption of nutrients and electrolytes, and alleviation of inflammation. All these result in a boost in energy levels.


  • Controls nerve pain


Aside from the above benefits to health, it also helps in controlling chronic nerve pain, pain in the joints, headaches, pain due to arthritis and pain in the muscles and bones.


  • Excellent for skincare


If you are prone to skin disorders like eczema, bug bites, rashes, and itching caused due to fungal infection and microbes, you can try out the supplements. These supplements not only made symptoms better but reduced the incidence too.

Generally speaking, rashes caused due to spider bites, athlete's foot, viral infections, poison ivy, and poison oak have been found to be effectively treated with fulvic acid.

How will you take supplements?

It can be taken in the following ways-


  • Solid supplements


It offers a number of health benefits and it can be taken conveniently with smoothies and juices. Being yellow in color, you get an instant colorful wholesome drink that works wonders for your health.


  • Liquid form


Studies reveal that if taken in liquid form, the bioavailability is much better. It is easily permeable when taken in liquid form. You will be required to mix the liquid form of the acid with filtered water, preferably, 12 drops in 16 ounces water.

Prior to starting the supplements, it is best in the interest of your health to consult a doctor or a medical practitioner, one who knows whether or not you are a suitable candidate for the supplement and also to avoid adverse reactions.