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Genes and level of testosterone

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Testosterone is the principal male sex hormone. It is also a potent anabolic steroid. It is very important for your body. If you have low testosterone levels, you may suffer from different types of cardiovascular problems, type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis, atherosclerosis, metabolic syndrome and sarcopenia.

Generally testosterone concentrations go down with age. Women bodies also produce testosterone but they have it in low quantity. Low testosterone levels are good for women but not so good for man. Low testosterone levels can result in inhibition of hair growth, sperm production and sex drive.

Low testosterone

What if you have a low testosterone gene? What would you do then? Many of the characters and traits you have, you have inherited that from your parents. Good genes are always welcome but what if you have got a few bad ones which are causing problems for your life?

A recent study in which researchers looked into genomes of about 4600 men, they found that two genetic variants can result in hormonal changes and may also ultimately cause low testosterone levels.

However, it may not be as bad as you are thinking. Your body uses only the free testosterone in your blood and it is around 1% of the total. The other 99% of the testosterone is managed by a protein which is known as sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG).

The recently identified genes create less SHBG and it may result in freer testosterone. With time, more research in this field will help the doctors and the researchers to understand how genetics and genes play a role in deciding the levels of testosterone in different people.

What causes low testosterone levels?

Low testosterone may result from type II diabetes, liver or kidney disease, pituitary gland issues, COPD and testicle injuries. In some people, chemotherapy and radiation may also result in low testosterone levels. In some people, some temporary causes may result in low testosterone levels such as higher stress level, sleep deprived nation or weight changes. Sometimes this problem may happen because of steroid or narcotic usage.

It can also be very hereditary as mentioned above.

Problem of low testosterone

Even if you have enough free testosterone, low total testosterone can cause different medical issues like heart disease, type II diabetes, stroke and metabolic syndrome. The researchers are not yet very sure about whether the genetic variance of SHBG are responsible for higher risk of setting diseases and more research might be necessary to find that out.

If you are seeing low sex drive, fatigue, erectile dysfunction or man boobs, you should immediately get your testosterone levels checked.

Treatment options

If you have low testosterone levels, it is important to meet an endocrinologist or a urologist. These doctors are better equipped to handle hormonal condition problems and they have experience in doing that. There are different types of treatment options available for people who are suffering from low testosterone levels.

It is very important to find the Right program and the right doctors because too much of testosterone may create the risk of high red blood cell counts, enlarged prostate, and other medical problems. Some of these problems may be fatal.

You may get benefit from sleep, weightlifting, and masturbation in increasing the levels of testosterone in your body. Garlic is a very beneficial element which can help you to increase your levels of testosterone in the body and soul we should include girlies in the foods that you eat every day.


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