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7 Expert Tips for Losing Weight Healthily

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Weight loss is a tough journey for anyone seeking to live a healthier lifestyle. It can be draining both physically and mentally if you're not seeing the results you want. More scientific studies into the process of losing weight have shown that as the body loses substantial weight, it tries extremely hard to gain it back. This process can be frustrating to many people as they reach a plateau period, but those who continue to push get over this roadblock and reach their fitness goals.


You may be wondering how those people are able to overcome their biology. The answer is simple: they stuck to healthy habits and didn't quit. If you're having trouble losing the weight, then follow these 7 expert tips on how to lose weight and stay healthy.


  1. Cut Out Soda


Cutting soda from your diet won't just cut down on your calorie intake. It stops you from putting so many artificial sugars in your body. Plus, sugar can act on your liver in odd ways, causing you to produce belly fat. Switching from soda, diet or otherwise, allows you to intake more water which will ultimately help you lose the weight.


  1. Don't Focus on Calories


People get too caught up in trying to count their calorie intake. While recording it can be helpful to some, it can be harmful and misleading to others. Often times, people will get discouraged by the lack of progress they're making even though they're sticking to their allotted calories. Other times, people mis-record their calories on accident and on purpose.


More focus needs to be put on the quality of the food you are eating. While some foods are lower in calories than others, they may not be giving you the nutrients that you need. Think of how certain foods affect your metabolism and hormones then eat according to that.


  1. Keep Things Basic


You don't need to have a complicated workout or diet to achieve your health goals. All you need to do is eat healthier overall and workout moderately-to-vigorously a few days a week. It's a simple statement but you have to figure out how to do that around a busy schedule. It's totally possible for anyone with careful planning and a day set aside for meal prep.    


  1. Adjust Your Goal Weight


You probably have an ideal weight that you'd like to reach. Some people want to reach that weight in a certain time period, while other people want to reach a certain weight in general. No matter the time period, the goal weight is often unrealistic based on a number of factors. It's better to have a goal that shows improved health and a weight that you're happy with that you know you can achieve.


  1. Commit to Change


Quite a few people love to jump on the latest fad diets and cleansing teas to lose weight fast and easy. These methods offer only short-term results and require you to go through no real change. For actual, long-lasting results, you have to be committed to changing permanently for the better.


  1. Eat Delicious Food


Diets are becoming less about suffering through bland salads and more about eating delicious healthy foods that fill you. Society has coached many people into thinking that a diet is only working if they're feeling hungry, but hunger is the ultimate reason that most people fail at dieting. Don't worry about how much you're eating, worry about the quality of what you're eating.


  1. Recruit Support


Going through anything alone can be hard which is why so many people have workout buddies. Arrange workouts with friends so that you hold each other accountable and push each other to your limits. The same goes for changes in your eating habits. When you enforce a change in your diet, make sure that everyone you live with is on board to support you and, perhaps, go on the journey with you.