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Preparation before you can quit smoking

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Before we can quit smoking, you will need to prepare yourself. Without the preparation, even though you may be able to start the process, you may not be able to complete it successfully and achieve the desired result-quitting smoking. Let’s find out what type of preparation you need to do before you can quit smoking.

Do you want to do it?

Do you really want to quit smoking? Are you doing it because somebody forced you to do it or you yourself decided that it’s high time you stopped smoking. Nicotine is incredibly addictive and so to stop it, you will need determination. Ask yourself whether you are fine with a life of smoking or you want a better life that does not involve smoking. Thinking about how smoking affects different areas of your life such as your health, appearance, lifestyle, your family and friends. First, you need to be very clear whether you want to stop smoking and start a better life or not.

Decide why you want to quit

To be able to stop smoking, you will need a reason. If you do not have a reason for quitting smoking, probably you may not be able to do it. You can make a list of all the reasons that you can think of. Listing the reasons will help you to decide why you are trying to quit. It will make you clear about your decision. Keep the reason(s) close to you so that you can revisit them because the reason will help you to keep going when it is difficult. You will need to go back to your reason several times during the process of quitting and it will help you to keep going even when you find it very difficult to go ahead.

Be prepared for nicotine withdrawal symptoms

When you try to stop smoking, during the process, you will face nicotine withdrawal symptoms. When you smoke, nicotine goes into your body and it is very addictive. So, it may be difficult for you to stop smoking initiating. Once you stop smoking for some time, you may experience increased cravings, depression, anxiety, feeling tense, and headaches or feel restless. You may also have increased appetite and weight gain and you may find it difficult to concentrate. These are some of the nicotine withdrawal symptoms. It is better to know about them before and understand the symptoms so that when they happen to you, you know about them and take the measures to counter them. You also need to understand that you may need more than one attempt to stop smoking. Only about 5% of people can quit smoking during their first attempt.

Make a plan

You will need to make a plan to stop smoking. For the plan, first, you need to choose a date when you will start your plan. Commit yourself to a start date. Thinking too much about a particular date to start it may not help you because it is possible that you will procrastinate and postpone it. If you want to pick a very specific and important day for you, you can do that.

Choose a method

There may be different methods of quitting. Choose one that you like and which has the highest possibility of working in your case. For example, quitting cold turkey, slowing or reducing your use some of the methods which are very common. You are the best person to decide which will be the best method for you. Choose one and focus on it and then start doing it.


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