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Some overlooked reasons to quit smoking

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You probably already know that smoking can cause several problems for you including lung cancer, heart disease, emphysema etc. Probably you have already created a list of things that may happen to you if you do not quit smoking. But here we will talk to you about some surprising and compelling reasons to put away that cigarette.

Smoking will speed up mental decline

If you smoking regularly, it will enhance the speed of mental decline. It may be five times faster in case of smokers compared to non-smokers. A study found that higher rates of mental decline happens in both men and women when they smoke regularly even though they might not have any family history of Alzheimer’s or dementia.

When you smoke, a vicious cycle of artery damage, increased risk of stroke, and clotting starts, which results in mental decline. Chronic tobacco use is harmful to your brain and it may speed Alzheimer’s problem.

Smoking increases possibility of autoimmune disease

Smokers have a higher risk of developing lupus. Studies have found that when the quit smoking, the risk reduces. Lupus is a chronic autoimmune disease which shows up in the form of inflammation, tissue damage and pain throughout your body. The symptoms may become quite severe in some people.

A study done in Harvard found that there is a significant increase risk in case of smokers.

Smoking increases the possibility of SIDS

SIDS is sudden infant death syndrome and smoking can increase the risk of SIDS development. If the mother smokes, the possibility of SIDS increases. If a smoker mother shares are bed with the infant, it becomes particularly risky. If the mothers did not smoke during pregnancy, the risk reduces to a great extent. Maternal smoking can alone double the SIDS risk and when the mother shares the bed with the baby the risk is 17 times greater.

Smoking makes babies irritable

When the baby is exposed to tobacco smoke, the possibility of colic increases. Several studies have found that when the babies are exposed to smoking through any of the parents, it increases the possibility of colic problem. Colic is a condition that happens few weeks after birth and it may peak in about 5 to 8 weeks of the baby. This problem goes away by four months of age of the baby. Some of the symptoms of this problem are irritability, red face, inconsolable crying, clenched fists, screaming and drawn up legs.

Tobacco smoke can raise the levels of a gut hormone known as motilin in the blood and intestines. This hormone causes contractions of the stomach and intestines and as a result of that food movement happens in the gut. If the motilin levels are very high, it can result in higher risk of infantile colic.

Higher risk of impotence

Smokers may not be able to perform as expected in the bedroom. A study on the relationship of smoking and abilities to get an erection found that people who smoked more than a pack a day had 60% more chances of suffering from erectile dysfunction when compared to people who do not smoked.

About 50% of the smokers suffer from erectile dysfunction and this is called as impotence in general language. So, if you want to satisfy your partner and demonstrate a great performance in the bedroom, it is probably wise to stop smoking right now. Impotence can be a big problem in your life and can destroy your relationship with your partner. Just quitting the habit of smoking will help you to improve your sexual health and relationship besides improving your overall health.

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