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How to quit smoking naturally

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How to quit smoking naturally can be a very important question for you when you're trying to quit smoking. There are many different ways to quit smoking but if you know how to quit smoking naturally, you can quit smoking and do it without harming your health.



When you quit smoking, you will start fighting the toxins present in your body and during that time you may use some help. You will need multivitamins which contain vitamins A, C and E because they will help you to repair your body. They will also help you in eliminating the toxins present in your body. You will help you to reduce the effect of withdrawal symptoms. With them, you'll be able to handle your cravings better. You will also feel more energetic and strong, which will help you in fighting the battle.


Massage can help you to quit smoking. Even self-massage can do wonders when you're trying to quit smoking. A simple self-massage that you perform on your hand or ear can help you by reducing your nicotine cravings. It will keep your mind calm and also reduce the craving. They work because your hands and ears are microsystems of your body. Massage can reduce anxiety and improve your mood and it can also help you by eliminating some of the withdrawal symptoms.


Hypnotherapy is a form of psychotherapy and it can help you to get rid of your bad habits including smoking. It will be able to help you find the core triggers that are forcing you to smoke. In hypnotherapy, visualisation, guided meditation, deep breathing, relaxing music and other such forms can help you to get into a trance to reach your subconscious mind. When your subconscious mind receives the message for quitting smoking, it will keep you motivated and will force you more to change your habit of smoking. Visualisation can also help you to quit smoking. Researchers found that hypnotherapy is a very effective method for people who want to quit smoking.


Meditation can also help you to quit smoking by changing your behaviour and breaking your old habits. It will make you calm and cool. When you start quitting, you may undergo psychological distress and stress and during this process when you see withdrawal symptoms, mindfulness and meditation can help you in a big way. Mindful meditation is what you need in which you actively observe your mental, physical and emotional state and you become more aware of your body and surroundings. A Yale University School of Medicine Department of Psychiatry study found that meditation help people to keep away from smoking for a longer duration. Meditation can also help you to start healthy habits and quit the bad habits.


When you exercise regularly, the possibility of successfully quitting smoking doubles. That's why, you should workout regularly. You can start with aerobic exercises. Initially tried to exercise five days a week so that you get the hang of it and you are also occupied so that you have less time for cravings for a cigarette. Include those exercises which are vigorous and force you to increase your heart rate.

Tai Chi

Tai Chi can help you to quit smoking. It is an ancient martial arts. Besides providing you with fitness and relaxation, it can also help you to quit your habit of smoking. University of Miami conducted a study in which they found that about 60% of the people under the study were able to kick the habit with just three one-hour sessions every week.


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