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When you want to quit smoking, it becomes a big battle for you. Quitting smoking is not very easy but it is not also very hard when you know how to do. Let's find out what can help you and make this journey easier for you.

Internal struggle

Trying to quit smoking is always an internal struggle. Initially, you think about quitting but you are not able to do so. You understand that smoking is dangerous for you and it is already harming you and will keep harming you in future. On the other hand, it is so addictive that you cannot stop doing it. So there is a tussle in your mind which is going on always. You know it is dangerous anyone to stop it but you are addicted to that and so cannot stop it even if you want to. There will be chaos in your mind.

There is another struggle. When you stop smoking, it goes well for the first few days or maybe hours in someone's case. Then you feel an unconscious urge to smoke but you also remember that you have given up and so you try to fight it. You again have the urge and you again fight it. This keeps going on for some time. You are being torn apart internally and it feels terrible. After some time, fighting it for some time, you feel tired and tense because the battle is not yet over. After a while, you either keep on resisting the temptation to smoke you give in and smoke and make a promise to yourself to start quitting again next week.

It's a terrible experience

Many people who try to quit smoking often find that it is a terrible experience. Because of the internal struggle, because of the urge, because of the tension and tiredness, quitting becomes a big problem and the experience is far from good. However, it is not necessary that your journey to stop smoking should be a terrible one. There are ways which will help you to make it much pleasurable.

When you stop smoking, you have a desire or an urge to smoke. You will feel a craving to smoke. The desire or craving to smoke is not actually bad for painful in itself. It is just a feeling that you have like any other feeling. The problem is with the reaction that you have towards that feeling. If you fear or hate that craving then it becomes a problem. Because then you try to use your willpower to repress it. And only then that craving of feeling becomes painful, frustrating and annoying.

This method can help

Instead of fearing or hating the craving, why don't you understand that it is you who can decide how the experience will be? It'll totally depend on how you decide to deal with the desire to smoke moment by moment when you're trying to quit smoking. It is possible to learn how to transform this craving to smoke so that you can actually make it an enjoyable experience. By changing the way you think and the way you react, it'll be possible for you to welcome the craving as another great opportunity to transform and enjoy. If you can do that, he will not care even if you have hundreds of cravings to smoke. If you can teach yourself to be happy when you get the cravings to smoke during the day, that will completely change your perspective and after a few days it will make the process enjoyable, because it becomes a challenge for you.


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