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Dual Use of Tobacco Products

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Dual Use of Tobacco ProductCigarettes are dangerous to one's health.When you cut down on cigarettes”by adding another tobacco product”you may feel that you're improving your health. This is called dual use.

But this is not an effective way to fully safeguard your health.

Quitting smoking completely is very important to protect your health. Smoking even a few cigarettes a day can be dangerous.

Risks of Smoking Less Compared to Quitting Completely

Light smoker

Light smoking isn’t as bad as heavy smoking, but still harms the body. Light or intermittent smoking may be safer for you than heavy smoking, but they still cause plenty of harm. When you quit smoking completely, you begin to reduce your heart disease risk right away.

Smoking just five cigarettes a day doubles your risk of dying from heart disease.

Just cutting back on cigarettes may not protect you from an early death. Heavy smokers who reduce their cigarette use by half still have a very high risk for early death. And on average, smokers die 10 years earlier than non-smokers.

Social smokers

People who do not smoke cigarettes on a daily basis versus those who smoke in certain social situations on a regular basis can harm their cardiovascular system. Social smokers have similar blood pressure and cholesterol levels with people who smoke regularly.

People who quit smoking completely live longer than those who keep smoking. The earlier you quit, the lower your risk for early death.

Proven quitting methods such as medications and counselling can double your chances for success.

Help for Quitting Smoking approved by FDA

  • Patch
  • Gum
  • Lozenge
  • Inhaler
  • Nasal spray

*Available without a prescription

Two Types of Counselling For Smokers

Individual, group, and telephone counselling have also been found to be effective in helping smokers quit.

Tobacco cessation counselling is when you talk with a health care provider or a counsellor about your tobacco use and work on ways to get tobacco out of your life.

Every time you light up a cigarette you are saying that your life isn't worth living, so STOP SMOKING!

Written by: Vina Benitez, Eternus Global