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Benefits of Quitting Smoking That You Need to Know

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Benefits of Quitting Smoking You Need to Know

Quitting smoke may seem to be a hard challenge for most smokers. But once you do, it will benefit most of your body parts from head to toe, down to your brain and your DNA. So in this article, you will know the benefits of quitting smoking.

1. Benefits of Quitting Smoking On The Brain

Broken Addiction Cycle

After a month of quitting, a huge number of nicotine receptors inside the brain will return to its normal functioning and the brain will re-wire and break the cycle of addiction. However, quitting requires a lot of self-discipline.

2. Benefits of Quitting Smoking On The Head

Sharp Hearing

About 70% of the smokers will likely develop hearing loss. Keep in mind that mild hearing loss could cause trouble. So when you start quitting cigarettes, your hearing will turn sharp eventually.

Better Vision

Smoking causes blurry vision, because like the nose and the mouth, eyes can absorb nicotine too. But once you quit smoking, your night vision will improve and this will also help preserve your overall vision.

Clean Mouth

No one likes a bad breath and a dirty mouth which is usually caused by smoking. Quitting smoke will lead to a brighter smile and will keep your mouth healthy.

Clear Skin

Using anti-aging lotion won't do any better than quitting smoking. If you quit smoking, it will keep away your skin from premature aging and wrinkling and it will help clear up the blemishes.

3. Benefits of Quitting Smoking On The Heart

Decreased Heart Risks

One leading cause of heart diseases and heart attack is smoking. But these heart risks can be avoided by quitting smoking. The risks of having a heart attack will decrease in just a day and it will lower the blood pressure and heart rate immediately.

Thin Out Blood

Your heart will lessen its work if you quit smoking. It will be able to move the blood around your body easier, as quitting smoke causes your blood to become thinner and it will decrease the risk of forming blood clots which is dangerous.

Lower Cholesterol

Quitting smoking will decrease the levels of cholesterol and fats circulating in your blood but it will not get rid of the fatty deposits that are there already. The growth of the new fatty deposits in your arteries will also slow down as you quit smoking.

4. Benefits of Quitting Smoking On The Lungs

Stop Lung Damage

It is important to quit smoking before causing permanent injury to your lungs because damaging the lungs cannot be reversed. You could notice that it's a lot easier to run for a few meters without having the trouble of short breathing for just after two weeks of quitting.

-Prevent Emphysema

Emphysema has no cure. However, quitting when you are still young will help prevent the emphysema from occurring later.

-Return of Cilia

Among the parts of the body, the cilia are the first ones to heal after you quit smoking. People usually cough more than usual after quitting smoking and this is a sign of the cilia starting to regrow and regain normal function.

5. Benefits of Quitting Smoking on DNA

Lower Cancer Risks

Quitting smoking is one of the best ways of decreasing the risk of having cancer. New DNA damage will be prevented from occurring once you start quitting smoking. It will also help fix the damage that has already occurred.

6. Benefits of Quitting Smoking on Digestion and Hormones

Smaller Belly

When you quit smoking, your belly fat will reduce and the risk of having diabetes will also decrease. The blood sugar levels will be kept in check for those who have diabetes already.

Normal Estrogen Levels

For women who starts quitting smoking, the estrogen levels will eventually return to normal. If you're hoping for a healthy pregnancy in the future, quitting smoking will likely help.

7. Benefits of Quitting Smoking On Erectile Dysfunction

Sexual Healing

The chances of having erectile dysfunction will decrease if you quit smoking. The chances of having a healthy sexual life will also be improved.

8. Benefits of Quitting Smoking on Blood and the Immune System

Normal White Blood Cell Count

Your white blood cell counts will turn back to normal eventually after quitting smoke. The injuries that the smoking has caused will also begin to heal.

Proper Healing

When you quit smoking, the improvement of blood flow to the wounds will occur. It will also allow the important nutrients and the oxygen to nourish and heal the wound properly.

Stronger Immune System

Quitting smoking will allow your immune system to function properly. It is no longer exposed to tar and nicotine.

9. Benefits of Quitting Smoking on Muscles and Bones

Strong Muscles

When you quit smoking, the muscles become stronger and healthier. The availability of oxygen in your blood will increase as you quit smoking.

Stronger Bones

Keep your bones strong and healthy by quitting smoking. As you quit, the risk of bone fractures, both today and later, will reduce.