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Facts And Figures on Mesothelioma Survival Rates

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When compared to the other types of cancer, mesothelioma is quite uncommon in the United States; this is reflected in mesothelioma survival rates. Around 3,000 new mesothelioma cases are being reported every year. This article explains in detail about mesothelioma survival rates.

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The mesothelioma survival rates in the United States were found to be increased during 1970s to 1990s. Later, it has decreased to some extent. The decreased mesothelioma survival rates have been found in men because of workplace modifications like reduced asbestos exposures.

Doctors use survival rates as a normal way of reporting a patient's prognosis. Doctors have to observe people who underwent treatment at least a few years ago in order to get survival rates.  Although the survival rates are most recent available data, medical breakthroughs may lead to better results for new mesothelioma cases.

Mesothelioma survival rates are usually based on earlier results of huge numbers of patients, however they cannot predict what will occur in an individual's case. Understanding the stage and type of cancer is significant in predicting results. Various other factors play their role in survival, like individual's overall health and age, earlier treatments and how well the disease improves with treatment. In spite of including all these factors for estimation, still, survival rates are not exact numbers. Your health care provider can say whether rates apply, as he or she knows your condition.

Mesothelioma is a severe disease. When symptoms exist and cancer is diagnosed, the disease has already progressed. Despite advancements, mesothelioma can be a very difficult disease to treat.

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5-Year Survival Rate

While talking about cancer survival rates, doctors frequently mention about the 5-year survival rate. It is the percentage of patients who survive a minimum 5 years after diagnosis of their cancer, and some individuals survive more than 5 years.

Relative 5-year survival rates use the fraction of cancer patients who lived 5 years and compare it to normal healthy people. This facilitates the adjustment of data for deaths from causes excluding the cancer. The relative 5-year survival rate for mesothelioma cases is 5-10%, according to the data from the National Cancer Institute's SEER program.

Median Survival Times

As per records of patients with pleural mesothelioma who were underwent surgery between 1995 and 2009, the median survival rates were estimated by a large international study. The mesothelioma survival rates are represented in the table below.

Median survival is the period it took for half the patients in a particular group like those with a specific type and stage of cancer to death. It is similar to an average “ half the people in the group survive longer and the other half does not.

StageMedian Survival Time
I21 months
II19 months
III16 months
IV12 months


As a common rule, survival times are expected to be longer for people with mesothelioma that can be removed through operation than that which has spread severely to be removed.

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