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Don’t Be in Two Minds about-penis-extenders-and-penis-pumps

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Some men consider Penis Pumps and Penis extenders as a toss-up while others choose the lesser of two evils. The diversity in the opinion could be because of a great deal of penis enlargement products available in the market. This has made finding the right product difficult, costly, and tiresome. Since many products require either daily use or application, often men waste a significant amount of time on wrong products and increase their worries rather than increasing what they wish to. This is because most men just want to see measurable results quickly but impatience and lack of thorough research is what leads them to choose an inappropriate product.

Confusion about Penis Extender and Penis Pump

Currently there are several penis enlargement products on the market such as extenders, pumps, pills, lotions, and more. Out of all, the penis pump and the penis extender are one of those kinds that many men consider the most indecisive about since the features and functions of each are a bit murky. To help clear up the confusion about both the penis extender and penis pump, we have compiled all the differences in terms of their use, effectiveness, and results in this writing. This is our small effort to help you make an informed decision regarding the selection of method and device you want to use in order to get the results you want!

Penis Extender

The penis extender is a small device that is used to help men achieve measurable increases in both the length and girth of their member. This device is a safe way to add inches to any man with a one-time investment. This means you need not require monthly purchases like the pills or refills as seen in case of hydro penis pumps. Moreover, this device works by using a theory that has been utilized throughout cultures from more than a decade now, traction method. Extenders gently stretch the head of the penis away from the body and apply a constant pressure to encourage new cell growth. This constant penis traction forces the microscopic cells within the penis to split and form new cells which then split and form more. Over a period of time this painless cell splitting will result in a measurable increase in length and girth of the penis.

There is a small loophole here, not with the penis extenders but how most men use them. In the aspiration of fast results and a lot of men become relentless and use extenders aggressively. It is important to understand that penis extenders won’t give you immediate results, in fact no penis enlargement product will. They will give you expected results with proper and persistent use.

Penis Pump

Looking at the impatient behavior of many men, penis pumps came into being. These pumps can instantly for a temporary period increase the overall length and width of a man’s penis during an erection. This is a painless, safe to use, and inexpensive method which most men were waiting for.

Using a penis pump is not a big deal. A man simply needs to place his penis in the opening of the cylinder and make sure that the end of the cylinder is placed against his skin completely. Once done the user will then either manually or automatically remove all of the air out of the cylinder. This lack of air will create a vacuum which will draw more and more blood into a man’s penis. There are also pumps like Bathmate Hydromax that has the same mechanism but can be used in your bathtubs under water. These pumps are great for insuring that the maximum erection size can be obtained quickly and efficiently. Additionally these pumps significantly help men with Erectile Dysfunction, allowing them to successfully achieve and maintain an erection to satisfy their partner.

So Which One Should You Use?

We assume that deciding on the right penis enlargement device wouldn’t be difficult for you now. However you need to think about your overall goals and determine how much money you are willing to spend on the results. You can then buy the device of your choice from the market or sites like sexualsupplement.co.uk if you are a little hesitant. Many men don’t realize how much money can go into pills and lotions since they spend in installments or smaller amount each time. However over a man’s lifetime those small costs really add up and could be more than the price of a pump or extender. The smart way to achieve both your long term and short term penis enlargement goals could be utilizing a penis pump and a penis extender alternatively. Using both devices could ensure you to enjoy fulfilling benefits of a larger penis immediately while still inching towards that long term goal of permanently a thicker and longer penis. But this is just a thought that crossed our mind which needs to be confirmed with a doctor before implementing. Whatever it may be, just be happy about your penis!