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How to lose belly fat a natural way

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The following courses will help you to lose belly fat in a natural way without having to depend on lots of equipment, diet pills or other medications.

Set a realistic goal

Before you start your belly fat losing journey, you need to be very sure about what you want to achieve within a given time. You will need to set a goal which is realistic enough considering your present condition and what you want to do during the time. It will take some time and you cannot expect immediate result without something drastic. This goal should result in a good plan to follow. You will need to find out how much calorie you need to intake every day because you will want to consume lesser calories than you a burning every day. You need a small calorie deficit because only that will help you to burn fat. If the calorie deficit is too high, your body will trigger starvation mode and then it will store fat and start using your muscle, as a result of which you will start losing muscle.

Consume low energy density foods

By consuming low energy density foods, you will be able to keep yourself full throughout the day. Little bit of hunger pangs is good for you when you’re trying to cut down your calorie intake but that doesn’t mean you would like to feel ravenous. You will need to include more low-energy density foods in your diet which will allow you to add more food to your diet without increasing the calorie. You will keep yourself full which such low-energy density foods because they generally supply water and fibre which make you full for a longer duration. Such foods include vegetables, fruits and fat-free broths. It is possible to make some changes to your favorite meals and reduce the total calorie amount of them. Instead of grilled chicken with Brown rice and vegetables, you can make it chicken, vegetable and Brown rice soup which will fill you up but will get lesser calories in your body.

Exercise and lose belly fat

When you start exercising, you will also improve your overall health and will shed excess belly fat. Since any type of exercise will need calories, you will be able to burn more fat by doing some exercises. But if you want to lose more belly fat, you will need to include high intensity interval training or HIIT in your exercise program. In this type of exercises, you work for short intervals but at a full throttle. Such short intervals may last for 10 seconds to a minute. While recovering from such high-intensity, you use a slow pace for a minute or two. Such HIIT exercises will help you by increasing your metabolism after the workout as the muscles need to work hard to get back to normal. Such exercise programs will be able to burn more belly fat in comparison to traditional cardio which your gym instructor may advise.

Avoid some diets

You will need to avoid some damaging diets. You should avoid diets which promise you huge weight loss within a few days. Also avoid diets that completely eliminate food groups or force you to eat just a few foods. You need to understand that these are fad diets and will not be sustainable. You need a balanced diet with the right exercises to lose the belly fat a natural way. You need a moderate calorie restriction to ensure that your metabolism is revving and helping you to lose the stubborn belly fat which is stopping you from getting the body you desire.


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