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Homeostasis and belly fat loss

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Homeostasis is your body's method of keeping internal stability. Your body wants to store fat which can be used in case of emergency. This fat is stubbornly shifted to another area of your body instead of releasing it as energy. The body uses this process to keep body's functions operating relatively consistently.

If you decrease the overall calorie intake of the body for a certain in duration, you will experience weight loss. Your body will seek out the new norm and it will find ways to operate in a stable fashion with the reduced and energy input. When it does that, your fat and weight loss will slow down significantly and then eventually it will stop completely. So, you will need to take care of homeostasis if you really want to lose fat and bodyweight.

Homeostasis is a well-known concept in physiology and medicine. Energy homeostasis includes various biochemical forces which try to keep a balanced weight. You will find that homeostatic cues like hunger and fullness can help you in guiding eating and curbing weight gain. If you ignore fullness and disrupt homeostasis, it will result in excess weight gain.

Even though you are exercising regularly and eating right, even then you may not lose belly fat because of your stasis. Even though you may lose fat from some areas of your body like your arms, legs and back, the fat may get deposited into your belly. This is a tendency that your body has and if you want to lose belly fat, you will have to fight it. If you tips will help you to find ways to lose belly fat and bodyweight even after homeostasis.

Focus on neglected zones

You will need to make some changes to your exercise routines to ensure that you are getting total-body workouts. Interval training can help you to push out of homeostasis. Once you can do that, burning fat will be easier for you. Skinfold measurements will help you to find out if you have gained fat in certain places. If you find them, you will need to focus more attention to those areas. Find specific exercises which will target those particular areas so that you can build some muscle and lose the extra fat.

Gradual diet change

There are different fad diets available which claim to quickly help you to lose fat and weight. What about diet you choose, you need to understand that a personalised diet plan. To find that you may need to go through the process of trial and error. Do not simply go for an extreme diet. Instead of that, you can gradually introduce healthy items into your diet and eliminate the unhealthy ones so that after some time you have only the healthy items in your diet. This process will ensure that your body is not shocked by the extreme diets.

Carbohydrate from vegetables

Carbohydrate is important for you and it can offer you many benefits if used with care. It is possible to get the required carbohydrate from fruits and vegetables. Getting carbs from fruits and vegetables is better than getting it from grains. Add more vegetables to your plate instead of bread, rice or other grains. When you eat more vegetables, you will feel less bloated, more energised and regular. Even though you may crave for simple carbohydrates like sugars, it is good for you not to consume more sugar as that will derail your efforts to lose fat and weight.


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