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Vaping and Nicotine Salts: Everything You Need to Know

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As a newcomer to the world of smoking, there’s still a lot to learn about vaping. One example of information you must know includes the answers to questions about nicotine salt. What is it? What does it have to do with vaping? Why does this matter?

Be aware that using nicotine salts with high wattage and sub-ohm devices can lead to overdose. Only use the product appropriately in low wattage devices.

Tobacco Leaves and Nicotine Salt

Nicotine salt comes from leaf tobacco. The free base form of nicotine is the result of methods used by tobacco companies from the 60s. Modern methods take the leaf tobacco and add benzoic acid to make it easier for the body to absorb at lower temperatures. The salt isn’t absorbed as readily as the lipid solution of free form nicotine, but when nic salts are heated or vaporized, they revert to a free base.

  •         Nicotine occurs naturally in tobacco with a chemical composition of salt. This is because there’s a chemical reaction between naturally occurring positive (acid) and negative (base) charges.
  •         That natural composition of nicotine has a weak base. In nature’s tendency to seek balance, those negatively charged particles look for positively charged particles.
  •         The combination of positive and negative particles doesn’t move easily across organic membranes (ie your body) and is difficult to vaporize.
  •         By removing the positive charge, tobacco companies create the free base form, the most easily absorbed form.
  •         Although the naturally occurring salts aren’t easily absorbed or vaporized, the addition of benzoic acid changes the chemical reactions.
  •          This added acid lowers the vaporization temperature and the pH levels of the salt, delivering a smoother throat hit, and the nicotine is absorbed as if it were free base nicotine.

Vaping and a Smooth Throat Hit

For those who enjoy vaping, the most important difference between using nicotine salt and free base nicotine is how you are affected. Nicotine salt has a lower level of alkalinity, so you’ll enjoy a smoother hit. However, there are variations in the type of acid used in this process. If you’re using vaping products to stop smoking, the type of acid can also affect your results. Used correctly, the high quality of the hits and the increased concentration of nicotine should allow you to experience satisfaction with fewer hits. However, if you want to give up nicotine, this route is probably not the best for you.

The Benefits of Using Nic Salts

Ideally, you’ll enjoy a smoother vaping experience when using vape juice that contains salt. You may find that as you decrease the amount of vaping necessary to achieve satisfaction, you’ll save money on replacement supplies (juice, batteries, parts). Even though salt products tend to run more expensive, by reducing the number of purchases, you’ll save money. Those smokers who want to quit can use the salts to decrease the amount of smoking during the day. For anyone looking for a top-quality experience, these products are sure to deliver.

A Naturally Pleasant Experience

In the rapidly changing world of smoking, the advance of technology may seem overwhelming. However, knowing that salts occur naturally can soothe some of these concerns. Those who vape enjoy the smooth experience of nicotine salt products, such as those from SaltBae50, as well as access to a variety of fun, delicious flavors. Whether you want to quit smoking or you’re looking for an increasingly pleasurable experience, the addition of salt products can be a game-changer.

Always Vape Safely

Remember that for the best results and your own safety, remember to only use salts in low wattage devices. Don’t ever use nicotine salts in high-powered or sub-ohm devices. The use of these devices could result in unsafe absorption rates and dangerous overdoses. Stay safe and use recommended devices.