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5 Tips to renting a scooter to help with injury

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Knee scooters are the best alternatives for crutches if you are recovering from an injury or you just had surgery on your leg. They are designed to make it easy for you to move as they offer support to your injured knee, ankle or foot. Buying one may not be necessary because you will be required to use it for a short period of time. So instead, you can rent it and spend lesser than you would have buying it. Below are useful tips to use when renting a knee scooter;

Make sure the knee pad is comfortable


When renting a knee scooter, you will want to ensure that the knee pad is comfortable. You are trying to recover from your injury so the pad has to be supportive and secure to give you all the comfort you need. Your knee should rest comfortably every time you propel the walker and even when you make a stop.

Check its warranty

Before renting a knee scooter, check its warranty first. You need to understand the terms of the warranty if there is any. Ask to know what it covers and what it doesn't. While at it, also ensure that you get information about where and how the walker can get serviced in case of damage. Additionally, before you accept to renting any scooter, ask about the set-up services offered and know their delivery timing.

Choose one with adjustable handlebars

When choosing any knee scooter rental, choose the one with adjustable handlebars. Your knee scooter has to be able to fit your height. Simply, it needs to function according to your needs, from your arm reach distance to fitting your height. If a knee walker fits your height well, it means that it can accommodate your weight capacity comfortably.  

Ensure it can be used outdoors

In the market today, most of the knee walkers you find are suitable for indoor use only. If you commute to work every day, then the knee scooter you rent should be outdoor-friendly as well. Also, you may have a lifestyle that requires you to be outdoors most time of the day so, it is important that your scooter suits those needs.

Test the turning radius

When assessing your scooter options for the optimum functionality, it is equally important to test the turning radius of your knee scooter before renting it. You will be using your scooter indoors mostly in your house or while at the office most of the time and this may require you to make tight turns occasionally. So, a scooter that is able to make these turns will be a great choice for you.

Wrap up

When renting a scooter, you should ensure that the choice you make will provide your leg with all the comfort and support it requires. Think of its functionality and its suitability to your schedules and the environment you spend most of your time in. When you make a decision and rent whichever scooter model, you want to feel the value for the money you pay for.