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How to Live on the Edge and Live Longer at the Same Time

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It sounds incredulous to begin with, but it is possible to live life to the extreme without having to shorten it in the process.


We are often told that undertaking extreme sports can lead to disastrous consequences. The same goes for trying out new activities that put you on death’s threshold. At the same time, we are also told to live life to the fullest. Carpe diem is always the most valuable principle to take to heart, so it’s always important to look for the ways to make life full and exciting.

Fortunately, we can always put the two together, and it is only a matter of making the right decisions.

Here are some of the things you might want to check out if you opt to have a side of danger to your bowl full of life.

Cut down on fats

When it comes to leading a healthier and longer life, your diet has to be at the top of your priorities. While we can always munch on our favorite comfort food, often the things we eat can end up pulling us down. The satisfaction we get from eating potato chips and other fat-rich treats is only temporary, but the effects are nothing short of devastating to our bodies. Junk food does not only bring conditions such as heart diseases and diabetes, it can also deprive the body of the nutrients it needs to undertake extreme activities. Instead of taking in fat, go for foods that are rich in protein and iron, as well as essential vitamins that perform cell maintenance. This will help you regenerate cells much faster and boost your stamina.

Make love the right way

Who doesn’t like sex? After all, it is one of the most basic of human needs. But considering the fact that STDs are still on the rise, it’s always important for people to have safe sex wherever they go. If you plan on going on an adventure halfway across the world, you might have intimate moments with people you meet along the way. This opens you up to infections and it’s crucial to know right away if you have one. To be safe, it’s always best to undergo regular STD testing so you can detect symptoms and seek treatment earlier.

Get regular exercise

Studies show that regular moderate exercise can significantly increase life expectancy. Its benefits include reducing the risk of heart disease and obesity. But the best part about exercise is its value towards muscle and bone health. Stretching and other routines are crucial to preventing sprains and other injuries that might occur when you are doing intense physical work. Whether you are running a marathon or climbing up the tallest mountain in your state, exercise is needed to optimize your body for whatever goal you set for yourself.

Take some time to meditate

Before and after undergoing the adventure of your life, give yourself just a few minutes to close your eyes and perform deep breathing exercises. You can never go wrong with life-improving meditation as it allows you to foster concentration and help you out during the tensest of moments.