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Tips On Beating Terminal Cancer From Paul Kraus

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Paul Kraus is a mesothelioma sufferer who has beaten all the expectations of the experts. He has managed to survive for over twenty years with mesothelioma. In that time he has also beaten brain and prostate cancer. Today he continues to live a high quality of life.


Now he's revealing his secrets to beating terminal cancer. Here's what you can do to increase your chances of survival.

Eat Well

Studies have shown that diet can have a huge effect on how long a person lives for. Paul, on his website Surviving Mesothelioma.com, suggests eating large amounts of fruits and vegetables. He also suggests removing junk food and other fried foods from the diet.

And he's taken to other natural cancer treatments, such as using herbs. It's estimated 54% of chemotherapy patients now use cancer-fighting herbs, such as ginger root, grape seed, and garlic.

Exercise Regularly

There is strong evidence to demonstrate that exercise can actively fight against cancer. The reason for this is that increased blood flow increases the transfer of nutrients to the parts of the body that need it. In other words, the immune system is continually being bolstered.

Exercise can, therefore, stop your cancer from spreading, thus enhancing your prognosis.

Don't Shut Yourself Away

It is easy for terminal cancer sufferers to cut themselves off from the world, according to Paul. But this is the wrong thing to do because it can invite anxiety and depression into your life.

This is only going to worsen your quality of life and put you in a bad place to those closest to you. Get the support of your family and friends so you can keep eating well and keep exercising.

Take Care of Your Mental Health

Mental and psychological health is often forgotten by people who are focused on cancer treatment. But anxiety and depression are common amongst terminal cancer patients.

Make sure you focus on your mental health. Those who don't are less likely to take a proactive interest in their treatment.

Take an Interest in Your Treatment

Paul's big secret is that he didn't simply listen to the doctors. He did his own research and discovered a variety of alternative cancer treatments that could help him defy all expectations.

That doesn't mean ignore your doctors, but it does mean you should spend your time expanding your knowledge and exploring things that your doctor may not have considered.

Last Word “ Beating Cancer the Paul Kraus Way

Paul always says that it's about living a healthy lifestyle. The benefits of regular exercise and eating well are just as powerful as toxic pharmaceutical treatments, but so many people automatically dismiss the idea because it's too simple.

Paul is living proof that changing your lifestyle can have an incredible impact on the prognosis of a terminal cancer sufferer. He is already a survivor of over two decades, despite being diagnosed with one of the most lethal cancers in the world today.

Do you know someone who could benefit from Paul's cancer treatment tips?