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7 Helpful Tips on How to Fight Cancer

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Just when one report regarding prevention of cancer is released, another discovery arises which contradicts the previous one. This can get confusing. Meanwhile, cancer is on the rise. Even though discussions about cancer prevention are ongoing, a common thread that runs across them is that your lifestyle determines your susceptibility to cancer.

Lifestyle changes that will keep cancer at bay

1. Schedule for regular medical check-ups

Successful cancer treatments have been carried out when the cancer was discovered early. Women in their forties should do an annual breast cancer screening. Men with a family history of prostate cancer should begin testing once they turn 40.

2. Be up and about

Physical activity improves the quality of your life by boosting your immunity, lowering levels of estrogen and insulin, and minimizing excess weight. All these are linked to cancer. Engage in a minimum of 30 minutes of moderate and intense workouts daily. You can consider indoor cycling on spin bike reviews. Research studies have confirmed that physically active individuals have a lower risk of getting cancer. Again, sedentary lifestyles lead to development of diseases that are difficult to cure, cancer included.

3. Totally eliminate the use of tobacco

Tobacco contains DNA-damaging chemicals which increase the risk of getting cancer. At least 13 types of cancer such as throat, cervix, kidney and lung cancer, are associated with taking tobacco. Unfortunately, even second hand smokers are at a risk. Therefore, quitting tobacco usage is the way to go.

4. Consume healthy foods

It is not a given that consumption of nutritious foods equals total cancer prevention. What is true is that the risk of getting it will reduce. So:

  • Maintain a healthy weight. Go easy on eatables with refined sugars as high insulin levels can contribute to cancer. Avoid unhealthy fats which can lead to obesity. Extra body fat causes production of hormones consequently increasing cancer risk.
  • Be generous with your serving of fresh fruits and vegetables. Also include other plant-based foods like legumes and whole grains in your diet. These foods fight cancer.
  • Eating large quantities of processed meats like ham, salami and bacon is a no-no. Why? The preservatives in them produce chemicals which cause bowel cancer.
  • Avoid alcohol or take it in moderation. Remember that up to 7 types of cancer (such as colon, bowel, mouth and liver) have been linked to alcohol drinking. Once taken, alcohol converts into a lethal chemical, acetaldehyde, which can lead to cancer.

5. Go for immunization

Human papillomavirus and hepatitis B vaccines target viruses such as human papillomavirus and hepatitis B virus which cause cancer. Hepatitis B vaccine is a good prevention against liver cancer particularly for those at a high risk of being infected like people with multiple sexual partners.

6. Protect yourself from the sun's rays

Exposure to the hottest rays of the sun from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. causes skin cancer. You can prevent this by wearing clothing with UV protection so that your skin is not exposed to the sun. Generously apply sunscreen that has the sun protection factor at least 20 minutes prior to exposure. Do not use tanning booths, sunbeds or sunlamps as they also emit harmful UV rays. Put on an appropriate sun hat with a broad brim of a minimum of 3 inches and wear sunglasses to block the ultra violet rays. Lastly, do skin examination by yourself monthly.

7. Do not engage in risky practices

Risky behavior like having unprotected sex with multiple partners increases your risk to contract sexually transmitted infections such as HIV. These can easily lead to cancer of the penis, vulva, throat, vagina and anus. Moreover, sharing of needles with drug users who are infected with HIV makes you prone to hepatitis B and C. These cause liver cancer.

It has been said that an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. Many of the factors that cause cancer can be avoided. You do not have to be vulnerable to cancer when you can control these factors by choosing habits that can safeguard your life. With these prevention measures in place, you are equipped to enjoy a cancer-free and healthy life.