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Tips For Quitting Alcohol

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If you are struggling with drinking, these tips will help you deal with this common and hard problem.


You Don’t Need Willpower


Easyway by Allen Carr is the exact opposite of what numerous programs advise in regards to quitting alcohol. We can collectively refer to all these methods as ‘the willpower method’. For example ‘Drink Aware’ is the latest version of this group and it’s the complete opposite of Easyway. The advice, even though it is well-intentioned, is likely to cause failure and abject misery rather than help a person quit alcohol in an easy manner.


Change How You View Alcohol


Almost all willpower directed methods recommend that you avoid temptation, with some programs suggesting that you avoid restaurants that serve alcohol. But think about it, would it not be more pleasant to change how you perceive alcohol so that you can be able to enjoy going to any club, bar or restaurant without feeling deprived or left out just because you are not drinking?


Be Cool towards Withdrawal


It is important to keep in mind that you are not giving up anything. Almost every willpower method stress on giving up alcohol. You are getting rid of something that brought many problems to your life.


These methods usually instill fear into peoples’ minds, warning them of severe physical alcohol withdrawal symptoms. However, if you delve further, things like poor concentration, feeling fatigued, tired, irritation, poor concentration, and bad dreams are not that tough if you do not take them very seriously. There are blokes who experience these symptoms when their favorite team loses a match.


Keep Reminding Yourself how Happy You are to Be Free and Avoid Cutting Down


The hardest way to quit alcohol is regularly reminding yourself why you need to stop drinking. It is so much better to keep reminding yourself how happy you are to be free from alcohol.


Mainstream advice suggests that you gradually reduce alcohol intake but what they don’t put into consideration is that it’s way harder to cut down that to stop. How many times have you tried reducing alcohol intake, only to fail?


Detox Your Body Naturally and Quit Without any Unpleasantness


Help programs like ‘Drink Aware‘ talk about the physical symptoms of quitting alcohol such as sweating, headaches, vomiting, trembling hands, nausea, lack of appetite and palpitations. However, even they themselves admit they are quite rare. Even at their worse, these symptoms don’t sound any more unpleasant than catching flu. If you are concerned about what alcohol is doing to your body, it’s certain that you wouldn’t worry about suffering some of these symptoms for a few days in return for your health and freedom. According to records, most individuals who quit drinking using Easyway by Allen Carr do so without any unpleasantness.


Do Not be Afraid of Quitting Alcohol


If you are worried about quitting those shots and beers, you should certainly consult your doctor. However, it can be helpful to find out more about the Easyway program by Allen Carr and why you do not have to be really worried about withdrawal. So, why not take a look at our on-demand service information as well as FAQs on our site? You will certainly find helpful information regarding your situation.


If all other methods have not been working for you, then perhaps it is time to try this one. By not worrying about withdrawals and enjoying your freedom, you can make huge strides towards quitting alcohol entirely.