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Overcoming an addiction

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If you are suffering from any addiction, it may be a little difficult for you to get rid of that. It may be an addiction to alcohol, tobacco, drugs, sex, lying and gambling or anything else. Fighting an addiction and overcoming it is not very easy but the following tips will help you to fight it better.

Decide to quit

This is the first step for overcoming an addiction. Unless you decide to overcome the addition that is causing problems in your life, other people may not be able to help you. Even though other people may try but it may not work at all because you’re not interested. First of all, you will need to decide to quit. Simply write down the harmful effects of your addiction on you and your life. Think about it and write it down. Writing is important because only then you will be able to understand the big negative impact it is having on your life. Also make a list of the positive changes you want in your life. Then you will need to write down your quitting commitment. Your commitment is very important because without it all the efforts to overcome the addiction may not be possible. Overcoming addiction is very difficult and if you don’t have any commitment at all or you have very less commitment, you’ll not get through.

Make a plan

This is a very important step in the process of overcoming different types of addictions. You need a plan so that you can work on it. The plan will make it easier for you. Set a date to quit the addiction. Then seek personal and professional support. There are professional supports available in different forms which can help you professionally to make the plan and stick to it. There are different programs available which will help you to overcome any type of addiction that you have. There are support groups and forums which can help you tremendously in your journey to overcome any type of addiction. Find out the triggers that make you automatically want to indulge in the addiction and once you find that, it’ll be easier for you to eliminate them slowly from your life.

It is also very important to get the environment ready for the change. You will need to remove the triggers from the environment at home and at work. If there is anything that reminds you of the habit, remove them from your car, home and workplace.

Start working

Now he need to start working to quit the addictive behavior which is causing so much of trouble you life. Stop it as you planned in your plan. Keep your commitment and promise to yourself and quit. The initial days will be difficult and you will need to struggle a lot to eliminate the destructive behavior and habit.

Fill your time with something that you like so that it can distract yourself from following the same behavior and slipping back to the same addictive behavior. You can join a new club, a sports team, a community group; make new friends although something different and new so that you don’t have lots of free time in your hand.

Exercising regularly will also help you to get rid of the addictive behavior easily. Besides filling your time, regular exercise will also release endorphin in your body which will make you feel good. Regular exercise will also improve your health and it’ll support you mentally and physically during that time when you try to stop the addictive behavior.

Do not forget to celebrate your accomplishments because they will motivate you to work harder and stick to your commitment to overcome the addiction.


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