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7 Answers to the Most Frequently Asked Questions About Smoking Games

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There are millions of myths and misconceptions about smoking games. While growing up, parents often told us all sort of negative  things about smoking. Well, those threats help everyone keep away from drugs. However, was everything that was told about smoking the truth?


The following are some of the answers to frequently asked questions about the subject matter above:

I. Is it harmful to the lungs?

Harming the lungs is the greatest fear of every smoker. Forcing hot fumes of smoke to the lungs can hurt the airbags and bronchitis. For beginners, smoking can cause serious coughs that can irritate the lungs. It can cause excessive excretion of mucus from the lungs. However, a group of doctors holds a different option. They suggest that the above-mentioned signs disappear immediately one stops smoking. No research has linked the behavior to any lung cancer or any defect of any kinds.

II. Is it addictive?

Consumption of any drug is known to be addictive. Smoking is no different. The body reaches a point where it cannot function without the substance. However, the addiction rate in this product is less compared to addiction to alcohol and other nicotine substance. The user of the product is not free from addiction. Stopping smoking games is easy if one has not used it for a long period of time.

III. What does it feel to be high?

Many teenagers smoke to have a feeling of how it feels to be under the influence of weed. The first and almost sure feeling is the feeling of anxiety. Before the substance is absorbed many people feel anxious over small and obvious things. The second feeling is the feeling of stress relief and feeling at ease with everyone. This explains why many people smoke when they are stressed.

IV. Does it make one horn?

Many users feel the urge to have sex after smoking. This does not mean that the product makes one horny. The product makes one at easy, comfortable and courageous to ask and initiate sex. There is no proof that the product contributes to libido levels in a human body.

V. Is it bad for me?

This is a very relative question. The best way to answer this is by analyzing the side effects of smoking the substance. Apart from addiction and increased appetite, there is no known harmful side effect for the games.

VI. Do it increase one's appetite?

Stoners are known to have an exaggerated appetite. They tend to have the urge to eat each and every time. There is nothing wrong with eating too much. In fact, it can be useful to control stress and loss of appetite?

VII. Is it legal to use the product?

The legality of the product depends on the country of residence. It is legal in the whole of Mexico and most part of Europe. It is illegal in most African countries. However, anyone is allowed to use the product for medicinal purposes. One needs to understand the legal framework before using the substance.


In conclusion, most of the feared things about smoking games are not true. There are no harmful side effects associated with the product. However, one should consume in moderation to avoid a case of addiction and misuse of family resources to buy the product. It is a perfect stress reliever.