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Foods that can cause your blood sugar to spike

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If you have been diagnosed with type II diabetes, you need to make sure that you avoid foods which can cause your blood sugar levels to spike. Even if you do not have the condition, it makes sense to avoid these foods, or limit your intake. Not doing so can eventually lead to you becoming insulin resistant.

Foods that cause blood sugar to spike are not always what you might imagine; you do not have to sit eating cookies all day to be at risk.


  • Measuring blood sugar levels


If you suffer from type II diabetes, it’s important that you measure your blood sugar levels on a regular basis. Your doctor will advise you about how often you need to do this. When you are first diagnosed, find out how to order medical supplies. This is important, as you need to make sure that you have the supplies in place to maintain a regular blood testing schedule, as instructed.


  • Foods to be wary of


Knowing how to measure your blood sugar levels is only part of the story; you also need to know how to control them. Diet is a major factor in this control. There are certain foods that can cause blood sugar to spike, and that should usually be avoided if you already have diabetes. If you do not already have the condition, it’s a good idea to cut down on these foods; to protect your overall health and to reduce your chances of being diagnosed.

  • White rice

If you eat a lot of white rice in your diet, more than five servings a week, you increase the risk of developing type II diabetes. It’s better to eat brown rice which contains more fiber. This fiber helps to control blood sugar levels in your body.

  • White bread

White bread is made using refined flour. This type of flour is easy and quick for the body to digest. This quick digestion can lead to a rise in blood sugar levels in the body. Eating whole grain products is a better idea and can also result in you having less of the type of body fat that can trigger type II diabetes.

  • Sugary drinks

This is possibly a more obvious dietary item to avoid. High sugar drinks are popular but they are bad for your health in many ways. Replacing a bottle of soda with plain tap water helps to prevent rises in blood sugar levels and can also help you to lose weight.

  • Red meat

Eating red meat, especially processed forms, every day of your life increases the amount of saturated fat in your body. This type of fat can have an adverse effect on the function of the pancreas, leading to insulin resistance and increased blood sugar levels. It’s important to seek out healthy protein sources, such as nuts and beans, instead.

  • Fast food

Many people love to eat fast food. If you are healthy, this is probably not going to cause you any long term damage, if it’s only an occasional treat. But, fast food can cause havoc with blood sugar levels; raising them by as much as 32%. This is why consumption of these foods should be kept to a minimum and avoided altogether if you have type II diabetes.

Maintaining a healthy diet is important; especially as you get older and health risks increase. Avoiding, or reducing the intake of, foods that cause blood sugar levels to spike is an important aspect of any healthy diet.