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How to lose fat while eating what you want

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Many a times it is said that if you want to lose fat, you will half to stop eating so many different things. And that may be one reason why many of such fat loss programs fail. What if you can continue eating what you want and still lose fat? Let’s find out if that is possible.

You food as fuel

Your body needs fuel to operate every day and the foods that you are eating are providing you with the necessary fuel. Food is neither your enemy nor your friend. You just need to know how to use it. You just need to understand a few things about the food you are eating. Just make sure that you are not overeating. Place your hunger on a scale of 1 to 10 and stop eating when you reach 5 to 6 “ scale. Do not eat till you are full; eat till you are not hungry. First, you can always eat the necessary nutrients and land if you’re still hungry, you can add some other products.

Focus on nutrition

If you focus on the nutrition and get the necessary vitamins, minerals and fat through your food, you will be able to curb the cravings. Cravings happen because we lack the necessary vitamins, minerals and fat. You need to eat a variety of nutrient rich foods and if necessary take a multivitamin supplement. Fruits, vegetables and fibre rich foods are important for you because they will provide you with the necessary vitamins and minerals. They are also good for you because they are low in calories and so they will help you in weight loss and fat loss.

Identify emotional eating

You need to understand emotional eating. Emotional eating means when we are stressed, said, angry or happy, we tend to eat more. If you consume a meal, you need to pause and ask yourself whether you are really hungry and need to eat that food. Keeping a food journal will also help you to list the foods that you consume. It will allow you to see whether you are eating something that you should not eat and if that is happening, you can always check that. It will also help you to plan in future and maintain the calorie need.

Stay hydrated

This is an often repeated but very useful advice. If you stay hydrated, you will not confuse thirst for hunger. Because the same part of our brain regulates both hunger and thirst, it may be easier to get confused. When you drink a big glass of water, it will also reduce your appetite and you will not feel hungry. If you are drinking less amount of water, you may be dehydrated. In that condition, it will increase cravings for different foods. Ensure that you always have access to clean water and consume at least 2 to 3 L of water every day.

Burn as many calories as possible

Burning as many calories as possible will help you to lose fat and weight even when you are eating what you want to eat. You will need to create a calorie deficit to burn the excess fat present in your body. He can regularly exercise to burn more fat. If there is a possibility of walking to someplace, you can do that instead of taking a car or motorcycle. Taking the stairs instead of using the lift will again burn some more calories for you. Walking and running are some of the simple and easy methods of burning more fat within a short duration of time.



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