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Natural treatment for keratosis pilaris

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Keratosis Pilaris is also known as “chicken skin” and this problem is more often seen on your arms or legs. It is a common skin condition and many people are affected by this problem.

There are different types of treatments available for keratosis pilaris. There are some natural treatments available which will help you to get immediate relief and eliminate this problem from your life. Let’s find out what natural treatments you have for keratosis pilaris.

Gentle exfoliation

you can gently exfoliate using sea salt. It is possible to remove dead skin and unplug the hair follicles in your body through the process of gentle exfoliation. It will not irritate your skin and aggravate the problem. Sea salt is a natural and gentle exfoliator and it has anti-inflammatory properties which will sooth the skin. It will also remove your dead skin cells and maintain the moisture levels.

Mix 2 teaspoons of sea salt and 4 teaspoons of raw honey to make your own home-made scrub. Honey is important because it is a natural source of skin boosting nutrients and acids and it works as a natural moisturizer. Apply the mixture on the affected area and rub it on the skin gently after which keep it there for 15 minutes. Then rinse with warm water. You can make a home-made body scrub by using sea salt, honey, coconut oil, and jojoba oil.

Moisturize every day

moisturizing your skin is very important and you need to do it every day. It is more important if you’re suffering from keratosis pilaris. For moisturization, you can use a natural and non-irritating product. If moisturization is done along with dry brushing, it will be more beneficial for the patients. Apply a natural moisturizer like avocado to the affected area. That will reduce inflammation and will also hydrate the affected area. Your skin will feel better once you put avocado on the affected area. Avocado is also good for you because it contains vitamin A. Vitamin A is important for keratosis pilaris patients as it will help you by reducing redness and support skin cells.

There are some other natural moisturizers available which you can put on your skin. They include coconut oil, aloe vera and jojoba oil. Coconut oil is very good for you because it will help you in fighting chronic skin conditions including keratosis pilaris. After taking bath, you can apply coconut oil all over your body because it will keep your skin healthy and will protect you from different types of skin conditions.

Dry brushing

dry brushing will also help you to get rid of keratosis pillar arrays problem naturally. It will help you to unclog pores and at the same time remove dead skin cells. You can take a bristle brush and brush your skin in a long sweeping motions with it. Do not forget to brush any area of your body. Do it on dry skin. While brushing, you need to remember not to irritate your skin because that will cause inflammation. The main objective of dry brushing is to remove the dead skin and unclog hair follicles. Once you complete the brushing, you need to take a shower and then pat dry your skin. You can use a natural oil like coconut oil on the affected area after bathing.

Use mild soaps

if you are suffering from keratosis pilaris, it is very important that you are very careful with the soaps you are using. You should only use nature and, non-toxic and mild soaps. Any other soap may irritate the skin and result in more redness and build up. Use soaps that contain all natural and chemical free ingredients.


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