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My Experience With Nuedexta Drug

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Neudexta is a drug that contains both quinidine and dextromethorphan. Quinidine affects the heartbeat and it is mainly used by patients who are suffering from heart rhythm disorders. On the other hand, Dextromethorphan is known for affecting the brain's signals that are responsible for triggering cough reflex. It is used for suppressing coughs. Nuedexta is used in treating involuntary outburst associated with laughing and crying in patients suffering from neurological disorders such as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and multiple sclerosis.

Short Review

This drug is mainly used by patients who are suffering from heart failure or life-threatening heart disorders. You can find additional information or material about this product from this website https://www.congareepharmacy.com – Nuedexta. Individuals who have used MAO inhibitors in the past two weeks are discouraged from using this drug to prevent the occurrence of dangerous drug interactions. Some of the common MAO inhibitors include methylene blue injection, rasagiline, linezolid and others. Again, avoid taking it if you are having a serious medical problem or an allergic reaction. Other medicines that interact with it should also be avoided. It is therefore imperative to inform the doctor about the medicines you use.

Dosing Information of Nuedexta

The following is the usual dose for adults:

  • The recommended dosage for Dextromethorphan-quinidine is 20mg -10 mg.
  • Starting dose- Take one capsule orally on a daily basis for one week
  • Maintenance dose- This is taken after seven days. During this period, the patient should take one capsule after every twelve hours.

How You Should Take This Medicine

Patients should follow the doctor’s prescriptions when taking this drug. Users are advised to follow the directions given on the prescription label. Again, they should avoid taking it in smaller or large amounts than recommended. In most cases, patients should be taking one capsule daily for seven days and then start taking two per day after the first seven days. Avoid taking more than two capsules of Nuedexta per day. The doctor is supposed to check the patient's progress regularly to determine how long he/she should continue using the drug. The functioning of the heart is checked using an ECG or electrocardiograph. This drug should be stored at room temperature and away from moisture or heat.

What You Need to Avoid When Taking Nuedexta

This medicine is known for impairing the patient’s reactions or thinking. This means that they should avoid driving or doing anything that requires them to be alert. Again, they should avoid getting up very fast from a lying or sitting position. In general, they should get up slowly can help them in preventing a fall. Some foods and beverages such as grapefruit juice are known for interacting with this drug, and they should always be avoided when someone is under medication. Taking such foods can lead to severe, unwanted side effects.

Side Effects Associated with Nuedexta

There are certain signs or side effects that are associated with this medicine. mode d’emploi du levitra https://www.acheter-levitra.net/levitra-generique.html levitra pas cher pharmacie paris Individuals who experience any of these side effects should seek emery medical help immediately or call a doctor. He/she should also stop using it. These effects include:


  • Burning or pain when you urinate
  • Pounding or fast heartbeats
  • A headache with and severe dizziness
  • Easy bleeding or bruising
  • Lupus-like symptoms
  • Liver problems
  • Overproduction of serotonin hormone


Regardless of the side effects mentioned above, this drug has been proven to be safe for use. In fact, it is effective in treating involuntary outburst and heart disorders. The doctor's prescriptions should be followed when taking this medicine. To avoid complications, you should tell your doctor about the supplements and medications that you use. Breastfeeding and pregnant mother should be very cautious when taking it.