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Eat Right to get rid of fatty liver disease

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The normal treatment that is prescribed for people suffering from fatty liver is preaching a healthy weight using exercise and diet. Food plays a very big and important role in treating fatty liver disease. In fact food is also responsible for creating this disease. If you do not pay attention to what you are eating, you are likely to eat things which may result in fatty liver problem. Let's find out how eating right can help you to get rid of fatty liver disease.

Find the right fats

Consuming the right fat is always important and it becomes increasingly important to find the right fats when you have fatty liver. People who have fatty liver are often insulin resistant which means the body makes insulin but it doesn't work well. As a result of that glucose build-up happens in blood and the liver will start turning the extra sugar into fat. If you have certain specific fat in your diet, they can improve your sensitivity and ability to use insulin. When that happens, your cells will be able to take into glucose better and your liver will not convert them to stored fat.

You need omega-3 fatty acids (these are available in fish, fish oil, vegetable oil, nuts, flaxseeds and flaxseed oil, leafy vegetables etc.), monounsaturated fats (these are available in different plant sources such as nuts, olives and avocados).

You should always stay away from saturated fats. It means you should reduce the amount of meat and dairy products and also avoid baked goods and fried foods. Specially avoid foods fried with palm or coconut oil.

A Mediterranean diet

The Mediterranean diet was not originally the floor for people with fatty liver disease but it can be useful for people suffering from fatty liver because it combines different types of foods which can help you to reduce fat in your liver. It contains healthy fats, antioxidants and complex carbohydrates which are very much beneficial when you are suffering from fatty liver.

You need to include fish, fruits, grains, nuts, olive oil and vegetables in your diet. These are safe for you when you have a fatty liver problem and will also help you to reduce fat from your liver.


Sometimes if the nutrients are not broken down properly, they can damage the liver cells and as a result of that fat build-ups may happen. Antioxidants can protect the cells from damage and thereby reduce the possibility of fat build-up. Fruits, especially berries, vegetables and some other foods can help you by providing more antioxidants in your body which will prevent such cell damage and breakdown.

If you're suffering from fatty liver disease, you should consume more vitamins E. Also take vitamins C and a cholesterol-lowering medicine to get better results. Sunflower seeds and almonds are good for you because they contain high levels of vitamin E. You should also use plant-based oils that contain monounsaturated fats. So, using olive or canola oil while cooking is always good for you.

There are some other foods that you should include in your diet. Coffee is good for you because it will help you to reduce obesity, insulin resistance and inflammation. Raw garlic is good because it will improve insulin resistance and will also help your body to break down fat. Green tea can help you to reduce your weight, body fat, insulin resistance and provide other health benefits.


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