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Common symptoms of fatty liver

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How do you know you are suffering from fatty liver? There are some symptoms which will tell you if you are suffering from fatty liver. Let’s find out what these symptoms are.


When your liver is dysfunctional, your body will try to protected by compensating in the form of pumping excess blood to your liver. When this happens, you will experience unexplained weakness, impaired judgement, confusion and trouble concentrating and save your energy loss. Because there are some changes in the brain chemistry and hormone production and that will result in feelings of exhaustion and fatigue.

Urine colour

Urine colour is a very good indicator of your fatty liver condition. If the colour of your urine changes to dark than it may be a sign of fatty liver problem. Generally it happens because the dark colour means presence of toxins in your urine as your liver cannot properly deal with them. If the urine also has a strong or pungent odour or urination is painful or laboured, also because your fatty liver is not able to function as it should.


If you carry too much excess weight, the risk of fatty liver will increase by 75%. And you are more prone if you are in the middle age and you also are overweight or obese. If you have a liver problem, it may interfere with your body’s ability to digests food and absorb nutrients, which will ultimately result in changing weight.

Skin changes

If you are noticing that she skin and discolouration in specifically the neck area and under the arms, you should talk to your doctor about the possibility of having a liver problem. There may be some other skin changes due to broken blood vessels and spider veins. Such changes may show up on the face, chest, back and shoulders. Sometimes, the palms may turn red and nail beds may turn white. If you are suffering from fatty liver, you may see those changes. Fatty liver problem causes the skin to darken and there you’ll be able to see if you are suffering from fatty liver problem or not.

It is more noticeable in case of people who drink regularly. After periods of heavy drinking, you will see such changes in your skin colour and they will intensify. This may be a very serious sign and so it is important that you talk to your physician. It is also the time to make some significant lifestyle changes. You may need to take some difficult but very important decisions such as completely stopping drinking.


Jaundice is a common sign of liver problem. The yellow deposits seen in case of jaundice happens because of excess levels of bilirubin in the blood of the patient which cannot be excreted because the liver function has diminished.

Abdominal pain

Abdominal pain may also indicate liver problem. If you are suffering from fatty liver, you may suffer from some abdominal pain. There may be discomfort in the centre or right upper portion of your abdomen and it may mean internal bleeding. Sometimes some people may have vomiting with tinges of blood. In some cases, that terminal pain resulting from fatty liver problem may still be there for some time and in that case you will need expert support and help from your physician.

No symptoms

Sometimes, fatty liver problem may not have any symptoms at all. It is called as a silent killer because it does not show any symptoms. It is mostly true in the beginning stages. If it goes on for a number of years without any signs of the disease may advance and different complications may arise.


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