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The magic of Ayurveda

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Ayurveda is the ancient system of Indian medicine. It means the science of life or philosophy of being. It’s a very comprehensive system which includes natural therapies with a highly personalized system of treatment for different individuals.

Steam therapy

a steam therapy can help you to pamper your facial skin and it can be done right at home. It will help you to release deep-seated toxins. This method will also clear the conduits of the skin. You will feel refreshed and will get a new like skin after this therapy. There are different herbs which are used in steam therapy including lavender and rose petal powder. Whether you have normal or dry skin, steam therapy can be used to improve your skin. Lavender and rose petal powder is used if you have a normal or dry skin. Citrus peel, neem and basil powder are some of the ingredients which are used in steam therapy if you have oily skin.

All body care

Ayurveda also has all body care system. They generally use a mix of four parts of chickpea flour or coarse oatmeal with one part of sandalwood powder which is mixed in milk or water. Phone ownership of the skin, they always recommend a light application of a natural herbal moisturizer. Natural herbs like Indian sarsaparilla, marshmallow root, turmeric and manjistha are used for cleansing and nourishing the skin.

There are many more such magical treatment and beauty options are available in ayurveda.

Bring the magic to your life

you can use ayurveda anytime, anywhere. If you adopt it, it will completely change your life in a positive way. And adoption of ayurveda is possible at any age by anyone.

Benefits of ayurvedic medicine

Ayurvedic medicine will lower your stress and anxiety levels. Since at present stresses are an integral part of our lives, treating them is very important. Different techniques are available in ayurveda which can naturally treat anxiety, depression and stress. Such treatment options may include yoga, breathing exercises, skin brushing, herbal treatments, visualization and such other types of treatments.

Ayurveda can also help you to lower blood pressure and cholesterol. Ayurveda diets and relaxation techniques can help high blood pressure in patients and normal healthy people by lowering inflammation and reducing plaque buildup and releasing the thickening of artery walls. These actions will reduce the possibility of heart disease.

Ayurveda can help you to recover easily from injuries and illnesses. In ayurveda, there is a concept of immune modulation and healing. You can target inflammation with the tools, techniques and medicines available in ayurveda which will help you to lower pain and swelling, improved flow of blood and reduce inflammatory conditions like arthritis and fibromyalgia.

Ayurveda is very helpful in detoxing your body. Detoxing is possible with the help of different types of herbs, healthy foods, teas and lots of rest. Some of the practices available in ayurveda can help you by increasing blood circulation and liver function. Abhyanga is a practice in ayurveda where the skin is rubbed with herbal or essential oils which will increase flow of blood and will also eliminate toxins from the body. Such detoxification is possible as the toxins are eliminated from the body through skin.

Ayurvedic medicine focuses on a plant based diet which is full of variety of whole foods. It includes lots of fresh herbs, spices, teas, healthy fats, vegetables, high antioxidant foods and protein. These foods are easy to digest, fresh and so they are healthy for your body.


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