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The health benefit of Ayurveda

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Ayurveda offers several health benefits and that is why it is so popular. It is the reigning alternative therapy. It focuses on the holistic nature of good health. It views every individual as a unique whole of mind, body and spirit. Ayurveda has been perfected over five millennia. The holistic healing methods of Ayurveda do not have any side-effects.

Ayurveda diet

Ayurvedic diet

Ayurveda focuses greatly on diet. Diet has direct effects on the psychological state of the individual besides offering remedial actions for any problems. Proper digestion is very essential for good health. There are some incompatible foods that you should avoid-

  • Avoid milk with meat, fish, eggs, reddish, citrus fruits, alcoholic drinks, tomatoes and yoghurts.
  • You should eat high-protein and high-fat foods separately from light foods.
  • You should also eat fresh fruits separately from other meals.
  • Eat raw foods separately from cooked foods.

The general guidelines of Ayurveda

  • Eat only when you are hungry.
  • Eat at a moderate pace and chew foods well
  • Eat freshly cooked meals
  • There should be an interval of 2 to 4 hours between light meals and 4 to 6 hours between heavy meals
  • You need to leave one third to one quarter of the stomach empty. This helps in digestion.
  • A balanced diet is what you need. Such a diet should include all the tastes-sweet, salty, sour, bitter, astringent and pungent. The diet should change with the seasons.
  • Ayurveda also prescribes daily routines for a healthy living. Such daily routines are included in daily master cycles. It focuses on rising early and going to bed early.

The ingredients, treatments and medicines

The ingredients that are used in Ayurvedic medicines are received from plants, herbs, fruits, flowers and other natural elements and so the medicines are also natural. There are no side effects of these Ayurvedic medicines.

Ayurvedic medicines have been found to effectively cure many chronic diseases. Such treatments not only bring wellness to the entire body, but they also remain effective for a longer duration compared to the allopathic treatment.

It not only helps in treatment of diseases but also helps to prevent the possibility of such diseases by eliminating the probable cause of the condition. The guidance offered by Ayurveda also shows how to keep away diseases by making some simple dietary and lifestyle changes.

Ayurvedic medicines can be used by healthy people as they are restorative in nature. They help in nourishing the body besides enhancing different mental abilities.

The cost of Ayurvedic medicines and treatments are also low. You do not have to spend a fortune for treatment of any medical problem using Ayurvedic treatment options, whereas you may go bankrupt by opting for an allopathic treatment options for some medical conditions you have.

Ayurveda often recommends easily available herbs and spices for minor ailments and so it becomes easier to find them and use them to get rid of such minor problems. Ayurvedic therapies can help you rejuvenate your body while keeping the stress away.

To get the benefit of Ayurvedic way of living, users need to make some small changes to your dietary and lifestyle habits. These are very small changes and can be done easily. All you need is proper guidance to achieve better health everyday.
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