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Simple Natural Acne Cures Tips

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Acne Cures

Having acne can be embarrassing, but worry not since there are many natural acne cures that can help you rid of this skin problem without the risk of adverse effects than when using medication and chemical treatments. It is admittedly quite difficult to prevent acne breakouts, and prevention remains to be the best defense against acne that can cause pimple, blackhead and whitehead growths along the skin. There are some natural ways to cure acne without the worry of side effects. Most of these treatment regimens are mainly preventive measures that retard the progressive growth and spread of acne the natural way.

What is Acne?

Acne Vulgaris is a skin condition that affects the activities of the oil glands that are located at the base of the hair follicles. These glands are responsible in producing sebum, which is an oily substance that can clog the pores or tiny holes in the skin. Acne formation is active during the puberty years because it is at this time when the adrenal glands are active in stimulating hormonal activities in both males and females. With an increased production of sebum, it tends to clog the skin pores, especially when it forms a clump with the dead skin cells and hair follicles. As a result, bacterial buildup begins that may cause swelling in the form of small breakouts which are typically called as pimples.

There are different forms of acne or pimples. It may be in the form of blackheads, which are small, black lumps that arise on the skin surface. Whiteheads, on the other hand, tend to remain under the skin surface while the tender, pink bumps are called papules. If you see a large and painful pimple that is deep in the skin, it may be a nodule.

What causes acne formation?

There are different possible causes of acne, although there is no definite cause that has been defined yet. Among the culprits of these unsightly bumps that commonly appear on the face, neck and back are hormonal changes, especially during the years of puberty. The hormone androgen is believed to cause the formation of acne by stimulating the oil glands in producing more oily substance into the skin. Pregnant women also tend to experience pimple formation because of the hormonal changes in the body. Heredity, some form of medications and greasy makeup can also cause skin infection that results in the acne formation.

 Treatment and remedy for acne

Practicing a good hygiene can help prevent the formation of acne, especially on the skin where it may leave unsightly scars. Your acne may tend to get worse by prickling or hard scrubbing on the skin. Seeing a dermatologist can be an expensive option, especially when there are natural ways to cure acne at a lesser cost. You can prevent and cure acne by these natural regimens that you can diligently observe to help give you a clearer and less acne-prone skin:

1. Use antibacterial soaps. Acne is mainly caused by bacterial growth along the skin that causes skin eruption that may clog the pores and trap excess oils and dirt on the affected area that forms the acne. Sulfur base soap is recommended as they can kill the bacteria that cause acne formation. Washing the face with an antibacterial soap will keep the skin clean and keep acne away.

2. Keep the hair off the face. Facial skin can be very sensitive and the hairs have oils that can cause the skin on the face to break out. If you have a bangs better keep them off your face and wash hair every day. This can be a good natural way to prevent skin from breaking out on the face that can promote acne formation.

3. Take more fluids. Carbonated sodas and drinks that are high in sugar can also cause acne to occur. You should avoid these drinks and instead drink plenty of water to re-hydrate the skin. Drinking a glass of water before sleeping is a way to rejuvenate the skin naturally and keeps acne away too. Drinking green tea too can also load the body with a good amount of anti-oxidants that can fight the bacteria that cause acne to grow.

4. Eat a healthy diet. Plenty of vegetables and fruits in your diet are a natural way to make the skin healthy and increases its ability to fight off skin infection and acne growths. They can also easily flush toxins in the body that can contribute to the formation of acne. Eating more carrots loaded with vitamin A can also strengthen the protective tissues of the skin to resist acne formation.

5. Keep yourself stress-free. A stressful lifestyle can alter hormone balance. The imbalanced hormones in the body can be a natural cause for acne to occur. Learn to relax and live a healthy lifestyle which is an effective way to balance your hormone production and prevent the occurrence of acne.

6. Avoid cosmetics. Cosmetics have chemicals on them that can possibly trigger acne formation most especially on a sensitive skin. These chemicals clog the pores making the skin prone to breakouts, blackheads, pimples, and whitehead formation. If using cosmetics are unavoidable, make sure to clean the face after use of the cosmetics or prefer to use those with natural ingredients that are less harmful to the skin.

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