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What Is The Right Acne Treatment For Your Condition

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Acne treatment

Acne is a common teenage skin problem. It can occur, however, at any age. Proper skin care is needed, but even the most regular form of cleansing cannot prevent acne from occurring. Acne comes in different types and severity. The kind of acne treatments needed also vary and finding the right acne treatment regimen is not that difficult. Here are some helpful guide when choosing the right acne treatment according to your skin care needs.

The categories of acne treatment

Acne can occur differently from one person to another. Acne treatment, thus becomes generally categorized as follows:

1. Inflammatory acne treatment

Acne can occur as an inflammatory skin problem. The inflammation forms as an inflamed, red pimple appearing under a blackhead or a whitehead on the skin. Treatment is mainly to reduce redness and the inflammatory response of the skin to acne.

2. Comedonal acne treatment

Acne occurs together in the presence of whiteheads and blackheads. The acne formation is caused by the sebum or trapped oil under the skin, causing dead skin cells to form while blocking the skin pores. The comedonal acne typically occurs on the chin, nose and forehead.

3. Cystic acne treatment

This treatment involves a more rigorous approach in treating the most severe form of acne. The outbreak is caused by an infection and it is usually painful and may result in scarring when healed. Cystic acne is linked to heredity.

Drug prescriptions for acne treatment

If conventional treatment does not clear up your acne, drugs may be prescribed by your doctor. Drugs can help relieve the acne formation and prevents scarring on the skin. The aim of medications is to help control the formation of oil and to enhance the production of new cells. Drug treatment also fights bacterial infection and helps in reducing the inflammatory response of the skin to acne. Most of the time, prescription drugs are indicated to severe forms of acne and may produce results within four to eight weeks of treatment. During the treatment period, you will find that your acne will get worse, but it actually indicates that the drugs are taking effect as it allows acne to be released from the skin until it completely clears up.

Drug medication for acne treatment may be either in topical form (applied to the skin) or oral medication (taken by mouth).

1. Topical medication

Topical medications are applied on the affected areas and may cause redness and peeling at first. Results are not apparent in the first few weeks. Topical medications may consist of retinoids that are prescribed in the forms of gel, creams and lotion. It helps unclog the hair follicles. Antibiotics in topical forms are prescribed to fight off acne causing bacteria and to reduce the redness on the skin. They may be applied together with retinoids.

2. Oral medication

Oral antibiotics are prescribed to relieve the symptoms of moderate to severe form of acne, such as inflammation and redness. In certain cases, side effects like a stomach upset and dizziness may occur and you should report it immediately to your doctor. Anti-androgen agents are prescribed in order to prevent the effects of androgen to the sebaceous glands. The last recourse for drug treatment of acne is the isotretinoin. It is prescribed for severe acne that does not respond to other forms of treatment.

Conventional treatment for acne

Other forms of therapy are available for treating acne that includes light therapy, chemical peel, steroid injection and the removal of blackhead and whitehead that block the pores. Getting enough sleep will also reduce the risk of psychological stress that contributes to the acne growth. Drinking plenty of water and doing regular exercise also help in reducing acne breakouts.

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