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How To Have An Acne Free Skin

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Having an acne prone skin can be frustrating. Many of us want to enjoy an acne-free and flawless skin, but sometimes it is difficult to fight the infection when you become exposed to the common triggers of acne. The main problem with acne is the abnormal activity in the oil glands that are located along the base of the hair follicles. Hormonal activities can trigger acne formation and it is most prevalent during puberty. Acne is not a serious skin condition, but it can leave scars and blemishes.

Triggers of acne formation

There are many causes for acne. Hormonal activities are common culprits, more particularly the hyperactivity of the androgen hormone in the body that can induce the active production of the oil gland in the skin. More oil is produced as a consequence that tends to block and break down the cellular walls of the pores in the skin. These harbors the growth of bacteria that causes the skin infection. Exposure to bacteria can also cause skin infection leading to acne formation. Medications like corticosteroid, lithium and androgen can also cause acne. Eating certain foods can also increase the risk of developing acne. Foods that are known to cause acne are chocolates, peanuts, and foods high in carbohydrates. Stress is also known to worsen an acne condition.

Why you need to get treatment

In most cases, minor acne will heal and go away on its own. However, there is the risk that it will leave scars or darkened spots on the skin. Treating the acne while in its early stage can help you save your skin from further damage. Not everyone is indispensable for getting acne sometime in their life. Getting the right treatment is essential if you want to maintain your skin health and condition. The adverse effect of acne includes skin blemishes, darkening of the skin or skin discoloration and scars. It also has an emotional impact to a person, especially when the acne leaves traces of extensive skin damage that are cosmetically unappealing and will most likely require intensive treatment.

Treatment options against acne formation

  1. Over-the-counter anti-acne products

Using over-the-counter anti-acne products are available that you can use at home. Make sure that they contain active ingredients that are known for their acne busting actions. Salicylic acid is effective in clearing blackheads and whiteheads that also form with active oil production in the skin. They clog the pores, causing bacteria to grow. They are also effective in treating a swollen and inflamed acne. Benzoyl peroxide can kill bacteria and helps control the production of oil by the oil gland. It can also be a peeling agent that can help restore the youthful appearance of your skin by accelerating skin turnover. Retin-A can also help unplug blocked pores and can be a helpful agent in catalyzing skin peeling.

  1. Skin cleansing and exfoliation

Maintaining the skin clean is a basic skin care regimen that can help prevent acne. However, mere washing of the face with water may not be sufficient. You need a cleansing soap or foam with no harsh ingredients in order to thoroughly clean the skin and remove the dirt and bacteria. Exfoliating can also help assist the removal of dead cells that might be clogging the skin pores. However, intense scrubbing may not be helpful as it can strip the protective barriers of the skin. Apply only small amounts of the exfoliant product on the skin and rub gently. Exfoliating at least twice or thrice a week is ideal.

  1. Select cosmetics carefully

What you apply on your skin can actually be an irritant to acne and it can make your skin condition worse. Mineral based cosmetics are ideal as they contain ingredients that prevent clogging the pores and can even clear pimples. Clean your makeup brush always as they may contain dirt that can worsen your acne.

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